Campaign Contributions Stink—but Anonymous PAC Money Is Worse

Regarding "A More Genteel Political Corruption" (Hightower, Sept. 6): Corruption in the form of "payback" for "corporate political money," from an identifiable source and in a reported amount, is more desirable than the prostitution unleashed by the U.S. Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision. Now, ungodly sums are being funneled to political-action committees on both sides. These millions are being used to buy some future "payback" at the expense of our democracy—how nice.

For all we know, Martians could be pouring these millions into the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan campaign, thus allowing Clint Eastwood clones free rein to talk to empty chairs—Mitt-Wits who profess that "corporations are people" and "I was for it before I was against it"—in an effort to snatch the election from President Barack H. Obama.

Edwin De Jesus Sr.

You Can Eat Healthy for Little Cash

I found Adam Borowitz's Guest Commentary (Oct. 4) entertaining, informative and challenging. I teach a class on how to achieve healthy eating.

There are only three foods you can eat: protein, fats and carbs ... good and bad choices. Learn about the low glycemic index. You can get a lot for $120 per month: 25 pounds of prewashed pinto beans ($16), 12 pounds of brown rice ($13), 20 pounds of basmati rice ($14), plus veggies, fruits and bread/tortillas; eggs for french toast; stevia; cinnamon; ginger; pepper; and onion and garlic powder. Quinoa, lentils, barley and hummus will offer protein, as will rice and beans together. We only need 10 percent of our diet for protein—50 grams per day. Throw in some dark chocolate, red wine, raisins and green tea.

From carrots, celery, onions and tomatoes comes soups, with sweet potatoes, a little chicken and hamburger meat. If it's white, don't bite—stay away from the deadly whites: rice, salt, sugar, flour, pasta and potatoes. Our industrial food corporations are killing us with processed food full of deadly whites.

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Lawrence Quilici

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