Hamway: Stegeman Has Been the Only Board Member to Pay Attention

I would like to thank the Tucson Weekly staff, especially Mari Herreras, for the extremely diligent, professional and informative articles written on the recent Office of Civil Rights findings regarding the retaliation, and civil-rights violations that took place while I was employed within the Tucson Unified School District ("Finding Hope," Currents, Sept. 27).

Superintendent John Pedicone and most members of the board, both past and present, appear to continue to deflect and avoid any responsibility for their actions, even in light of all of the evidence and my repeated attempts to address this matter with civility and dignity. My case involves not only children with special needs, but all children who attend TUSD, and staff members who try, albeit in silence, to meet each child's needs with dignity and compassion, according to law and funding statutes.

In light of the actions of the many, I must draw attention to the one board member, Mark Stegeman, who has returned my phone calls and, according to his word, actively requested the documents and evidence regarding my case and those of the 14-plus students and families he is entrusted to represent. While Stegeman avoided drawing any conclusions or bias regarding my case, he expressed concern and a desire to seek the truth. In my experience and opinion, Stegeman has been the only TUSD representative to base decisions on fact, not opinion, and for this reason, I must clarify his role in relation to my case and the OCR cases of the current and future children attending TUSD.

Rose Hamway


In the Best of Tucson® (Sept. 27), we put an incorrect address and wrong contact information for a second-place finisher in the Best Café Hangout category. Café Passe is at 415 N. Fourth Ave., and can be reached at 624-4411, or We apologize for the mistake.

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