Tucsonans Need to Learn About, Support No-Kill Shelters

Thanks to Tim Vanderpool for a terrific article on the struggles faced by local no-kill animal shelters ("Expensive Care," Currents, July 5). People are often happy to learn that no-kill sanctuaries exist for animals that can no longer be cared for by their owners. A fact that is frequently overlooked: The extent to which these shelters can take in animals depends on donations from the public.

Shelters face constant challenges, as there is never a shortage of strays needing care, yet there is rarely a surplus of volunteers to help. Until our society fully embraces and supports adequate spay-neuter services for companion animals, our pet-overpopulation problem will persist.

I invite Tucsonans to visit a local no-kill shelter and fall in love with some of the special animals housed there. Choose one or two to sponsor, and help sustain our no-kill shelters throughout the year. A sponsorship makes a great gift. What could be better than having an animal to bestow affection upon without having to clean up after it?

Susan Miller, PAWSitively Cats volunteer

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Regarding "Connie the Elephant Has Died" (The Range, July 19):

Tim Vanderpool covered this whole charade relentlessly, and the Reid Park Zoo continued to evade, lie and concoct facts, especially with the tax-paying public. Shame on them! Bravo, though, to Tim and the Weekly for at least attempting to reveal the sad truth, and (warning about) one tragic event, which many biologists had predicted would occur with the elephant move.


Regarding "A Toby-Keith Themed Restaurant Is Opening at the Mall" (The Range, July 17):

Sounds like a fun change for some of us not into the downtown scene ... which is great for those who enjoy that style! I just think it would be fun to go somewhere a little different (yet offering something that) used to be popular in the Tucson area! Let's all go, and (be) open to a new place! We sure need it here! Just have fun people!

—Wendy Davis

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