One Access Tucson Positive: The Cox Channel Location Is Better

David Mendez did a superb job of chronicling Access Tucson's challenges since the 2006 Cox-supported legislation that severely limited community television ("Fewer Voices," Currents, June 21).

What he forgot to mention is that Access Tucson is moving to the preferred spot of Channel 20 on the Cox system (while remaining at Channel 74 on Comcast).

Bob Kovitz, president, Access Tucson board of directors

Thanks for Remembering John Gatty

Just wanted to thank the Tucson Weekly and Ryn Gargulinski for the nice article on John Gatty ("Wonderfully Strange," Music, June 21). He was an exceptional human being and coder. I will remember his sense of humor in an otherwise dry programming environment. The code patch he installed at Hughes Aircraft that would threaten other programmers' lives if changed sounds about right.

In addition to his job responsibilities, he was also leader of the company band Flock of SQLs, which played every spring to a packed house of customers and employees. I am a better person for having known John, and simpleview is a better place for having John be a part of it.

Scott Meredith, chief financial officer, simpleview

Social Promotion Leads to Immaturity

I read Mark Stegeman's Guest Commentary (June 14) with great interest.

The Tucson Institute sent an open letter to then Gov. Fife Symington about the same issue 19 years ago. We wrote: "Customarily, students are passed to the next grade even if they have done nothing at the previous grade. ... This attitude creates irresponsible, immature people who will never do any valuable work, who feel antipathy toward a work environment, who will never tolerate any criticism, must constantly be praised, will always blame others for their failures, and are hostile to intellectual pursuits or achievements.

Symington did not even bother to reply.

Miklos N. Szilagyi, president, Tucson Institute

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