A Move To Asexual Conception?

Regarding "Right-Wing Rule," May 17: Historically, various governments have tried to rewrite human reproductive biology to fit their worldview, but I've never seen one so biologically ignorant as the Arizona Legislature.

Attempting to say that pregnancy begins before conception is like saying we are an asexually reproducing species. This type of reproduction does exist, and it's called "virgin birth," or parthenogenesis.

So is this a Freudian slip by the Legislature of thinking that all women in Arizona should be virgins to give birth, or is it plain hatred of men? The most likely explanation is that this is another example of the gross scientific illiteracy of the Legislature. And the Legislature blames the education system for the fact that companies do not want to move to Arizona because we don't know science?

Deborah Bird

So ... Where's Romney's Certificate?

I have written to Ken Bennett, the Arizona secretary of state, to request that he ask the state of Michigan for Mitt Romney's birth certificate ("[No] Thanks, Ken Bennett, for Stirring Up the Birther Stuff Again," The Range, May 18). He has indicated that he asked for proof of Barack Obama's birth certificate from Hawaii because a constituent asked, and that no one had asked him to do so for Romney's.

I have asked, and I am certain my request will receive no response. How embarrassing and shameful to have people of this mental level in public office.

Carole DeAngeli

A Comment From a Reader at TucsonWeekly.com

Regarding "Ron Barber, Jesse and Tough Questions," The Range, May 24:

Barber is a reasonable man who seems quite uncomfortable being onstage. Kelly is an unreasonable man who can't get enough of the limelight. Barber better wake up to his inner politician and speak out strongly if he wants to spare Tucson the shame of sending Kelly to Congress.

—Tucson Ted

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