Thanks for Pointing Out Blatant GOP Lies

I am happy that you published some of the lies that Jesse Kelly has been telling ("Stop the Lies," Editor's Note, April 26).

I wish that someone (Ron Barber or Jesse's GOP constituents?) would call Jesse on this. Yes, apparently Martha McSally has, but this is not sufficient.

The problem with these GOP lies is they resonate with many GOP voters. When Jesse ran against Gabby, I spotted "campaign" signs sprouting up saying: "Gabrielle Giffords kills babies!" Jesse probably didn't authorize these signs, but I never heard him denounce the signs or the message.

Peter Ianchiou

Please Keep Up Coverage of West University Zoning Issues

Thanks for providing detailed coverage of the West University overlay situation ("Lay of the Land," Currents, April 19). It's a disgusting mess that the residents of Tucson need to know about.

The city rezoned part of the West University historic district to allow for high-rise buildings. The neighbors decided to circulate a referendum petition that would require that the rezoning approval be put on the ballot. The city canceled their rights by giving the neighbors an invalid signature form, and then refusing to accept the signatures collected on that form.

John Kromko


In "Ties That Bind" (Currents, May 3), we incorrectly identified Kim Dominguez as a founding member of UNIDOS. She considers herself a member of the group, but is not a founding member.

In "Water Ways" (Currents, May 3), due to an editing error, Robert Varady's name was spelled incorrectly.

In the May 3 TQ&A, we reported that Nick Fontana became a member of the Legislature on Monday, April 23. The Pima County Board of Supervisors appointed him on that day, but he actually joined the state House on Monday, April 30.

We apologize for the mistakes.

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