Letter on Ties, Short Skirts Was Just a Little Bit Sexist

I find the words of the author of March 15 Mailbag letter "Just Say No to Ties—But Hell Yes to Short Skirts!" to be ironic and sexist.

He complains about how chafing outdated ties are, but defends short skirts by implying that sexual or aesthetic reasons are the only reasons to pay attention to women—not the value of what they say or do, but how they look. This thinking is far more antiquated, in my opinion, coming from a time when living without a husband was more difficult for a woman.

He is wrong: Both ties and short skirts affect how one presents themselves, and how one thinks about the people wearing them.

Melanie Busse

And Now, It's Time for a Backhanded Compliment

"The Legendary Nellie Cashman" (March 15) was, in my opinion, the best piece I have ever read in the Tucson Weekly. The Weekly is usually a piece of shit, but sometimes, your paper outdoes itself.

I'm not a leftie, but I read the Weekly for the same reason I watch CNN: I like to know what the other side is doing.

Leroy B. Vaughn


In the March 8 Guest Commentary, "With the Tucson City Council, Neighborhoods Take One Step Forward—and Then One Step Back," due to an editing error, the piece said that a new city ordinance would define a residence with four or more people living together who are not related to each other as a "group dwelling."

Actually, the ordinance states more than four people—in other words, five or more.

We apologize for the mistake.

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