Should a Mine Be Using CAP Water, Anyway?

As a long time Tucson resident, I deplore the possibility of another copper mine in Southern Arizona that would be so close to Tucson, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Sonoita, etc. ("Stop This Mine," Feb. 23). This specific area of the Santa Ritas is home to numerous wildlife, waterways, birds and even hunting. I have hiked Mount Wrightson and picnicked in Madera Canyon. I have seen coatimundi in the area. I have driven to Sonoita to see the vineyards, fished in Parker Canyon Lake, watched the rodeo and picnicked at Patagonia Lake.

Has anyone thought to contact the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy? The reason I bring this up is because our most esteemed congressman Mo Udall was a staunch environmentalist, was against strip-mining and was the main force in getting the Central Arizona Project completed. In numerous articles about the mine, it has been stated that Rosemont Copper will divert CAP water to the mine. I believe the CAP is to provide water for municipalities and agricultural use, not strip-mining.

Sandra G. Larriva

Thanks for Sensitive Coverage of Vazquez Matter

Congratulations to John Schuster on a very professional and sensitive report on Martha Vazquez's recent arrest and resignation form KVOA Channel 4 (Media Watch, Feb. 23). I was honored to be an on-air co-worker with Martha during the KOLD Channel 13 portion of her career in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and she was a fantastic teammate and friend in an otherwise dissention-filled newsroom. She was our "Miss Congeniality" with her contagious smiles and laughs.

Congratulations also to Channel 13 and KGUN Channel 9 for not being vultures on the story just for a ratings gain, even though it was during the February ratings sweeps.

Keep up the great reporting, Schu, and thanks also to Tom Danehy for his thought-provoking columns.

Bill Roemer

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