Serraglio Lumps Anglos Together

The headline of Randy Serraglio's essay looked interesting ("All politics Is No Longer Local—and Locals Are Paying the Price as a Result," Jan. 19). I was expecting an intelligent discussion about how politics affects the local level.

It wasn't long before I started seeing loaded words like "vitriol," "Republibots," "Christo-fascists" and "John Huppenthal's ruthless witch hunt." Near the end, he gets downright vituperative by talking about the oppression of the Mexicans by the "gringos" who "seized this land by violent force," "and treated its Mexican inhabitants as second-class citizens for the next 150 years."

The gringos who seized this land are becoming fossils, and there are very few descendents living here in present-day Arizona. So Mr. Serraglio wants to lump all anglos together into the undesirable class of oppressors. He then speaks of this as justification of racial resentment. That kind of pleading makes a strong case for getting rid of Mexican-American studies instantly.

Please, can we bring William Buckley back to life, together with his emphasis on reasoned and courteous debate?

William Winkelman

And Now, Some Insane Partisan Economic Analysis

One reality that Tom Danehy (Jan. 19), the Occupy Whatever detritus, and cockamamie lefties in general refuse to accept is that the middle class exists only because there are rich folks. We all work for them (even those in government work for them since most taxes come from the 1 percent). Rich folks don't bury their money in a can. They put it to work to make more money.

Tom excoriated investors who make money by trading financial instruments. George Soros, John Kerry, the Kennedy clan and many other ultra-rich Democrat elites never worked a day in their lives, and fall squarely into the group Tom hates so passionately. I wonder if Tom holds the rest of the ultra-rich Democrat elites to the same standard of hatred as everyone else.

Tom Danehy is the completely irrational, hate-filled, envy-filled and delusional Democrat so typical today.

Rick Cunnington

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