Claim: Ethnic-Studies Article Was Mere Opinion

Having seen your cover highlighting an article about Mexican-American studies, I was looking forward to reading a good piece of journalism ("Ethnic Studies Myths," Nov. 17).

Instead, I was disappointed to find only a lengthy opinion article. The truths the author presents have motivated me to remove "truth" from the three ideas we judge by, and one of the six great ideas we live by.

Ken Smalley

Stegeman: Nov. 21 'Meeting' Was Mere Political Theater

The story concerning the Tucson Unified School District board vacancy ("A Board Divided," Currents, Dec. 1) requires clarification on several points concerning the board's non-meeting on Monday, Nov. 21.

Board member Michael Hicks emailed the board office at 7:32 p.m. on Saturday (Nov. 19) stating unequivocally that he would attend the Monday meeting only if I could also attend. I emailed the board office at 9:07 a.m. on Monday, stating unequivocally that I had been unable to rearrange my commitments and could not attend; I had said from the start that my attendance was doubtful. Subsequent communication reinforced and never altered these statements. Therefore, district leadership knew all day that no quorum would exist on Monday evening, and the pointless gathering of two board members and numerous staff produced only political theater.

The air of panic surrounding the hastily called Monday meeting was misplaced, because the same issue was already on the board's agenda for the full meeting one day later, and the county superintendent's Nov. 30 deadline was nine days away.

Going forward, restoring public confidence in TUSD will depend upon the consistent display of discipline, prudence and professionalism by a united district leadership.

Mark Stegeman

Your Take on RichRod Was Ignorant!

I was disappointed to read Jimmy Boegle's "Cheater Hire" (Editor's Note, Nov. 24). While his commentary regarding big-time college sports may indeed have some merit, the depictions of both Rich Rodriguez and Greg Byrne were mean-spirited and off-base.

Mr. Boegle shows a lack of understanding regarding the facts of what was a long and complicated investigation into the infractions he references at the University of Michigan. The infractions which the NCAA for their own reasons list as "major" were, in fact, of a minor, inconsequential and technical nature. Moreover, those with an inside, in-depth understanding of this situation largely agree that Mr. Rodriguez was guilty of a lack of complete understanding of the voluminous and technical rules in college football today rather than a desire to cheat or evade the system.

Mr. Boegle goes on to inexplicably question Mr. Byrne's "fairness and ethics" for hiring Mr. Rodriguez after Byrne carried out what was by all reports an extensive and thorough search which included consultation with many of the most-respected people in big-time college sports today, as well as compliance officials at the University of Michigan and the NCAA.

While we can't expect the same diligence from Mr. Boegle, there is in fact a book that has recently been published, Three and Out, by John U. Bacon, that covers the entire three years of Mr. Rodriguez's tenure at the University of Michigan, if Boegle or anyone were truly interested in gathering a "fair" understanding of this matter.

Richard N. Wiarda

Your Take on RichRod Was a Gem!

Your take on the hiring of the new UA football coach is a gem. You have been the only editor to tell the truth about this sad affair. My admiration will focus on you from now on as I read your newspaper.

It is too bad that the UA athletic director was allowed to have such power in the firing and selecting process. A near abuse of this process is evident, and the choice of the new coach is the ultimate abuse. Thanks for the insightful and piercing writing.

Buel Bowlan

Almost All 'Occupy' Participants Around the World Have Been Peaceful

I am writing in response to "Protest Persists" (Currents, Nov. 24). Thank you for your continued coverage of the protests.

I am concerned with one bit of misinformation in the article that perpetuates mainstream-media lies about the movement: "(W)e haven't done anything to cause problems or make us look bad."

Other Occupy Movements and a vast majority of the protesters have not done anything to deserve poor treatment, either. While Occupy Tucson has been exemplary in its conduct and comportment with the help of the peacekeepers like Alex Maldonado, peaceful protesters do not deserve to be hit with batons, pepper-sprayed as they sit peacefully, or arrested with unwarranted force, as they have been in other cities. No one deserves this treatment during a peaceful protest.

Joe Callahan, aka Tex Shelters


Due to a production-department error, the photo we ran with the Dec. 1 "Nine Questions" interview of Joseph Valentino was actually of Peter Newbegin, this week's Nine Questions subject. We apologize for the error.

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