Thanks for Letting Both Sides Have Their Say

Having read Salomón Baldenegro's polemic against Mark Stegeman, I was heavily in favor of Salomón's perspective. Upon reading Stegeman's response, I grew skeptical and ambivalent toward both accounts.

The presence of controversy itself in our society does not warm my heart, but public exposure to proponents of both sides does. I applaud the respective efforts of Baldenegro and Stegeman, and the Tucson Weekly for supporting the (as it were) dialogue.

Aaron Johansen

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Regarding "The Smoking Gun," Sept. 15:

Another article quoting yet another study about as valid as a barroom poll at 11 p.m. ... To suggest (state Sen. Steve) Gallardo is somehow respected is to suggest a turd in a punch bowl is a really a decorative accouterment. You can put a ribbon on a donkey dick; sadly, it's still a donkey dick ... well ... until it's an article in the Tucson Weakly, which seems to see donkey dicks as eye candy.


Tim (Vanderpool)'s real problem is with freedom, not with guns. He sees freedom being abused and people being hurt, and instead of blaming the people doing the hurting of innocents, he blames the freedom. Fundamentally, he is no different than the prohibitionists who insisted when alcohol was banned in the 1920s that utopia was just around the corner.

—jack burton

All you have to do is study the comments of the paranoid and ruthlessly obsessive weapons fanatics herein to realize that the future of this state is indeed a grim one. As soon as it is financially feasible, my family will be leaving Arizona, never to return. I feel nothing but pity for those of you who can't escape.

—Roger Rabbit


In the Sept. 15 TQ&A with David Pike, we quoted Pike as saying that he won a best-of-festival award at the Arizona International Film Festival for Red Door.

Pike did not earn such an award from the festival; he was talking about an Arizona Daily Wildcat opinion piece that said Red Door was worthy of best-of-festival honors. We apologize for the confusion.

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