A Glock Raffle Isn't Insensitive!

Tom Danehy (Sept. 8) refers to the recent GOP raffling off of a Glock handgun as "insensitive."

I would like to know if Mr. Danehy feels that the Tucson Police Department is "insensitive" since it appears that the officers are issued Glocks. Indeed, I understand that the Glock is the most widely issued police sidearm, and that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords herself owns one. Are they "insensitive" as well?

The only ones who are truly being "insensitive" are the people who would use the events of Jan. 8 to further their own political agenda. Shame on you Mr. Danehy!

Charles W. Walker

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Regarding Medical MJ, Sept. 8:

One thing you can learn is to clean up your language. People don't have much respect or confidence in people who talk the vulgar way you do. Such language is not necessary and marks you as trying too hard to be flippant and cool. You are neither.

Marijuana use and marijuana laws are serious, and it would help our cause if you would clean up your language and speak in an intelligent, mainstream manner.


I don't live in AZ, but found out about this column at NORML and am now a subscriber. All the haters can go away; you'll easily replace them with new readers. Looking forward to reading your column.


I'm disgusted with Jimmy Boegle's decision in picking such a ridiculously obnoxious wannabe medical-marijuana columnist. (After the) Tucson Weekly announced that they were hiring a medical-marijuana critic ... I voluntarily spent a great deal of my free time doing research, interviewing and gathering any information that I could find that may have been beneficial to my potential readers. After reading J.M. Smith's first attempt at this column, I realized I had gone about this thing all wrong. It seems all I needed was a bad attitude and an overwhelming desire to abuse my right of free speech.

—Tylor Morgan

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