Calling the President a 'Bitch' Is a Celebration of Freedom!

Ms. Vaughn and Ms. Moodie (Mailbag, Aug. 18): Referring to the president as someone's "bitch," burning the flag and making up new and disgusting meanings for a public representative's last name (e.g., "Santorum") are celebrations of the freedom we still have in this country. Not being able to say or do those things would mean all really is lost. Imagine a world where you couldn't refer to ex-President Bush as "Cheney's bitch."

Satch Sanders

The Ridiculous Letter of the Month!

Jim Hightower's hate for Glenn Beck blinded him to a good story (Aug. 18). Glenn Beck is one of many who are fleeing the state of New York. The absurdly high taxes have forced a mass exodus. The same thing is occurring in other liberal-run states.

Beck gets a large amount of death threats. He and his daughter were attacked at a park a few months ago. He lives in "secluded and secure luxury" out of necessity. Glenn can't simply rent a Dallas apartment. Liberals aren't opposed to violent rhetoric against people they dislike. Glenn has to protect himself from the pot-smoking, flag-burning, crazy liberals like Jared Loughner. We "little man" fans of Beck understand why he does what he does.

Bryan Smith

Tucson Needs to Look to Other Cities

You should run more articles like "Turning for the Better" (Aug. 25) and solicit more opinions.

In spite of having been dealt "four aces," Tucson is perceived as one of the least-business-friendly cities in America. Every city and state in America will be competing for whatever businesses and jobs that become available. That means Tucson will be a big loser.

Maybe Mr. Rothschild will be able to change that perception when he becomes mayor. It won't be easy. He should follow a suggestion that has already appeared in these pages, and visit a few cities that are successfully reviving their own economies.

The motto shouldn't be "bigger is better"; it should be "smarter is better."

Bob Snyder

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