Danehy Should Not Have Called the President a 'Bitch'

Tom Danehy's Aug. 4 opinion piece reveals a writer whose ego is happy wallowing in hateful metabolic residue. His childish solipsism is disgusting when he thinks it is OK to call the president of the United States a bitch just because he knows that we know what a bitch really is. Tom, you called the president a bitch! In your little self-referential world, that may be a clever way to make a point. In the real world, it only shows that you are a small man mentally.

In trying to be fair, I forced myself to read the whole column. Great, then you insult his manliness with your redneck-inspired thumb test. Ha ha. So clever. Not. But it does follow the other stated childhood memories.

Tom's egocentric brain seems to be convinced that if Obama had just been properly coached by large-dick Tom, everything would be just hunky dory.

Here's a thought for you, Tom: You are afraid. We are all afraid. Obama was faced with unbelievably hard choices when he took office, which only got worse when Congress was overrun midterm with squealing small-minded reactionaries. Try not to run with the swine. He is our president and doesn't deserve your filthy mouth.

Christina Moodie

The 'Weekly' Should Not Have Let Danehy Call the President a 'Bitch'

Your newspaper uses poor judgment and bad taste in publishing an opinion piece by a writer, Tom Danehy, in which he refers to the president of the United States as the "bitch" of the Republicans in Congress.

Danehy's opinion is as simplistic as his language is crude. The president has to negotiate with a Congress that is also elected by the people. Majority rules in our democracy.

Barbara Vaughn


Due to a production-department error, the photograph that was published with "Doom With Death" (Music, Aug. 11) showed the band Nazca Lines, not Big Business.

We apologize for the mistake.

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