Don't Rant About Politicians; Rant About the People Who Elected Them

In reply to "Views on Our State Leaders" (Mailbag, March 17): I have ranted and raved about the Arizona Legislature and governor, and wondered how they can pass the bills they do, without any seeming concern about the consequences of their actions or how those bills will affect the people in Arizona. I have shaken my head over and over and not come up with any rational answer, until one day it occurred to me: I was expending all this energy at the wrong group of people.

These officials would not be in office if they hadn't been elected by a majority of the voters of Arizona. That's the group that all my ranting and raving should be directed at.

One of two assumptions can be made: (1) With full knowledge and understanding about the candidates, the voters chose these individuals, because this is the direction they want the state to go in. (2) Without doing a thorough investigation about the goals and directions in which these candidates intended to take Arizona, they voted for these people, influenced by the slick campaign literature.

Regardless of which assumption is correct, the voters are the ones responsible for what goes on in Phoenix.

Thus, I either accept what goes on, or I become actively involved to find out why the voters voted as they did, and I discuss the issues with them. No more ranting and raving about the elected officials.

Patricia McGrath

Planned Parenthood Actually Keeps the Number of Abortions Down

Regarding Guest Commentary, March 24: I have been in two relationships with women during which an unwanted pregnancy occurred and was aborted. Neither decision was made lightly, and both experiences were emotionally draining and profoundly sad.

I doubt that making the decision to terminate a pregnancy is easy for most people.

At a certain point, restricting access to safe abortions will create an environment conducive to self-induced abortions and/or a return to the era of "back alley" providers. I cannot believe that any person of conscience would want to go back to the nightmare of the pre-Roe v. Wade era.

What those who oppose abortion fail to realize is that Planned Parenthood, with its full range of services, not only helps to limit the number overall of abortions, but moves us closer to being a country where abortion is not only legal and safe, but accessible, affordable and rare.

Larry Waters

Drink Australian Wine; Ignore Bitter 'Bon Appetit' Ex-Editors

Randy Serraglio's article on the nasty water in Adelaide, Australia, was unfair (March 17).

Adelaide is the home of the Barossa Valley, the McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills. These are the three biggest wine regions in Australia. Why is Randy drinking the water and not the wine?

I actually forwarded the article to friends at the South Australia Tourism Commission, and they found the article amusing. They said they have had so much rain this year, and they are nowhere near the drought situation of a few years ago.

Drink the wine, Randy!

As for your Editor's Note ("Culinary Criticism," March 17): So someone from Bon Appetit doesn't like how the Weekly reviews food? The positive here is that they took the time to find the Tucson Weekly and read it, including the review! Did you thank them afterward for reading the Weekly?

Who reads Bon Appetit? Nothing but wannabe "chefs." Trust me. We do not notice or read their food reviews. I can think of better places to find unbiased food reviews than some overpaid editor who is about as legitimate as an Arizona legislator. A title does not make you an expert.

I love the reviews in the Weekly. Have they influenced me? Absolutely. I tend to think that the writers and reviewers of the Weekly have views similar to mine, so if they have a good dining experience or are treated poorly, I will believe them.

Your reviews also comment on the entire experience and not just the food. If the place is dirty, or it stinks, or management or the help is poor, you tell us. Does it influence me? Sure. I watch out for that if I decide to go. Does it influence me? Absolutely.

The only complaints I have about food reviews is when they get too personal or TMI. Talk about the food or the atmosphere or the help. But I don't care about the fact that the reviewer's partner doesn't like a creamy garlic sauce on their salad, or that desserts have always been a struggle so they ate the "lite" mousse instead of the cheesecake. WHO CARES?

So those are my comments on your food reviews. WHO CARES what some jerk from Bon Appetit says about your reviews? You are doing a good job, and don't stop.

Matt Welch

Australian Tourism Centre

Boegle's Reviews Have Been Painfully Pedestrian

A food writer is more than a guy with a pencil and notebook, armed with an appetite.

Mr. Boegle's food writing has been painfully pedestrian, and it would be a service to restaurants and diners in Tucson to have Rita Connelly or other adepts take over this task.

Beth Petrucci

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