Serraglio Ignores Violent Realities

Regarding Serraglio, Feb. 17: I'm a former Democrat who became an independent over the issue of illegal aliens. It sickens me that both major parties are willing to sell our country's national soul for party members and cheap labor. No matter how you cut it, the majority of Americans want our southern border secured. Until that happens, Mexicans will continue to die.

Thanks to a policy of drug-cartel appeasement by our national leaders, crime has increased in dramatic and deadly ways in America. For example, thanks to drug cartels, Phoenix is No. 1 in the United States for kidnapping and home invasion, and No. 2 in the world.

The week Senate Bill 1070 became law, a group of cartel members shot a Pinal County deputy out on patrol. Though wounded and out of radio range, he was able to survive by returning fire while using his cell phone to call for backup.

A recent U.S. government investigation confirmed Mexican drug cartels operate sophisticated surveillance stations on Arizona mountain peaks for tracking Border Patrol positions. President Obama has decided our best course of action is to make no trouble for the Mexican government under any circumstances. Recently, he ordered signs to be posted on our own National Forest lands along our border stating, in effect, "Warning! Known Human Smuggling Area! Enter at Your Own Risk!" Apparently, Obama thought it better to forfeit that section of land to illegal-alien criminals rather than take any action to protect our citizens.

Twelve to 20 million Mexicans et al. illegally occupy this country, while a million more arrive every year. With our liberal legal immigration policies, this country used to be a "melting pot" of different cultures with common ideals. Unfortunately, the chef's been AWOL for more than 15 years now, and the stew's been ruined due to neglect.

Bill Cottle


In "Domestic Dysfunction" (Performing Arts, March 3), we incorrectly wrote that Beowulf Alley Theatre Company's The Beauty Queen of Leenane does not have an intermission; there is indeed an intermission. We apologize for the error.

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