A Dissenting Opinion on Panda Buffet

I spent 10 years in the South Pacific. In addition, I have Korean-Japanese grandchildren, so Asian food is a big part of our diet. I am a sponsor at the UA for international students, presently with four Chinese students and two others: one from India, and one from Saudi Arabia. I am an excellent Asian cook.

The worst food I have ever had was at the Panda Buffet ("Plate-Filling Goodness," Chow, Jan. 20). Examples: a steam table with cold cooked seafood; the worst hot-and-sour soup I have ever had; wonton soup broth with no wontons.

We went on your recommendation, by the article in the Tucson Weekly. Four soups were three. (The egg-flower was good, my husband said.) The restaurant did not have the big seafood layout, as it was lunch time. I have told everyone: Do not go.

My husband and I eat all over town. This is the worst place we have been to, and I suggest that Jimmy Boegle check it out at lunchtime, and if it is still bad, rewrite this misleading article, out of respect for your readers and the consumers who might go there. Thank you.

Mari McDaniel

Could Do-Gooder's Lack of a Permit Lead to Chaos?

Regarding the article "The Rigid Code" (Currents, Feb. 3): Karin Elliott is to be commended for her efforts to feed the hungry and homeless of the area. My eastside parish did this for years, although not as elaborately. We made sandwiches in the parish kitchen and handed them out to anyone who was hungry. No complaints ever arose, so we continued with the program.

Elliott's problems seem to come from her obvious operation of a kitchen, of sorts, serving hot meals to the public without a permit. I cannot imagine the chaos that would ensue if she were allowed to continue. The permit process is in place to protect the public. It may not always be totally effective, but it is there, and it works most of the time in spite of funding and personnel woes.

A. Roy Olson

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