Danehy Needs to Stop Writing Boring Columns and Get Back to His Sports Roots

I've been reading the Tucson Weekly, off and on, since its inception back in, what, 1984? I like the concept of an alternative rag, and I want to look forward to reading specific columns each week.

However, in the Weekly, I haven't had much to look forward to in quite a while. Back in the day, Tom Danehy's column would be a reason for me to pick up the paper.

Why doesn't he write about sports more? That's what he knows. There's a lot going on, especially at the University of Arizona, which merits his expertise from a nonconventional angle. Even his take on professional and local sports is usually interesting.

But you know what? Most of his columns are just dull—so dull that I stop reading midway through. Case in point: his "best of 2010 recap" (Dec. 30). He admits to going to only two movies at the theater, yet we should care what his favorite movies are? Are you kidding? And musically, he obviously has no particular expertise, but feels free to expound on music regularly.

And sports? One lousy sentence at the end. One.

I'm sure coming up with ideas for a column week after week isn't easy. But, damn, he can do better than what are usually his mere musings. So often, when I read his column, I say to myself, "Who cares?"

C'mon, Jimmy Boegle. Give that prime spot to someone who has interesting things to talk about.

Peter Bourque


In "Your Frozen Yogurt and Gelato Update" (Noshing Around, Dec. 30), we reported that the name of the owner of Blue Banana Frozen Yogurt was Mike Brady. Actually, the owner's name is Rick Brady.

We apologize for the mistake.

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