What About Some Tucson Turkeys?

Jim Hightower once again attacks Walmart, his favorite target, this time because they have pledged to source "only" 9 percent of their food locally ("Meet Your New Neighborhood Food Market," Nov. 18). Because of Arizona's climate and topography, only small pockets of the state are suitable for significant agriculture. Maybe the 9 percent number could be improved if we developed some new possibilities, such as Arizona City artichokes, Benson bananas, Clarkdale cod, Kayenta king crab and Salt River salmon.

Jerry Krueger

Danehy's Opposition to Medical Marijuana Proves He's a Jerk!

Tom Danehy's opposition to the medical marijuana initiative blew me away (Oct. 28).

My wife has cancer and went through six months of chemo and radiation. On a good day, she could get out of bed and try to walk around the block. On a bad day, she would lie in a ball in excruciating pain, only getting up to puke her guts out. Marijuana was one of the few things that gave her some relief.

Have you ever thought about what that would be like to go through or watch? I guess not. You are too busy trying to write a "funny" quip: "That narcotic done made you null and void."

I am a 59-year-old conservative who was trying to ease his wife's misery. You have proven yourself to be an irresponsible, ignorant, thoughtless jerk.

John Woodin

A Comment From a Reader at TucsonWeekly.com

Regarding "Your Tax Dollars at Work" (Nov. 18):

You write about stressed immigrant (translation: illegal alien) communities living in fear as if that were a bad thing. ... Those of us who came here legally avoided that stress. True, we had to fill out forms, be photographed, pay fees and have several interviews where it was emphasized that we must not be a burden to our adopted country, but in return, we had a green card. That's the advantage of coming here, you know, legally.


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