Fodder for Follow-up: How Bad Could the Legislature Make Things?

Though your article "Razing Arizona" (Oct. 21) provided a nice summary of how our governor and Legislature have been decimating our state with their legislative policies, I would have appreciated a more detailed look at what our future will look like if their policies continue.

Is it possible, for example, that our state will go bankrupt given the massive deficits and the probability that our state government will further cut taxes? And what would happen if it did go bankrupt? Would the federal government have to step in and run things? Or, conversely, if the state avoids bankruptcy by radically cutting public services—which is what lawmakers are promising—is there a minimum level of public services that must be provided according to federal law? What, for example, would happen if public-health expenditures reach such a low level that communicable diseases become a threat? Or if police services are cut back so much that the state becomes a haven for criminals?

Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic about our state's future, but I believe that a follow-up article answering these questions might be necessary.

Greg Evans

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Regarding the Oct. 28 issue:

"Vote the Democratic Ticket." "Jesse Kelly: Bullshit Artist."

TW: The alternative to bland daily journalism in the Sonoran Desert? Nope—unhinged lefty bourgeois rag. Restaurant reviews are the only thing worth reading.



In "A Taste of the Tropics" (Chow, Oct. 21), we said that CeeDee's Jamaican Kitchen is located in the former Bread and Butter Café location; actually, CeeDee's is in the old Coffee Pot Café location. The Bread and Butter Café is alive and well on 22nd Street. We apologize for the mistake.

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