LD 30 Senate Candidates = Jackasses

After reading "Senate Showdown" (Sept. 23) and the quotes attributed to Todd Camenisch and Frank Antenori, I've decided that my vote will not be cast for either of these jackasses. They are prime examples of what's wrong with American politics and politicians.

A. Roy Olson

Citizens Should Preserve Their Power by Voting No on 401

The Weekly made "no recommendation" on Proposition 401, the Tucson City Charter amendments ("The 2010 Tucson Weekly Endorsements," Oct. 7). I think the voters should be very leery of these proposed changes for two reasons.

First, it was not a product of an appointed citizens' committee. The mayor and three council members sent a package developed by a coalition of special interests to the voters.

Second is the overall thrust. These proposed changes move decision-making away from the citizens and/or toward those wishing to exert influence more expediently. Consolidating power in an appointed city manager while weakening the role of the mayor and council in key personnel decisions, giving determination of future mayor/council salary adjustments to the Legislature, and replacing the two-year election cycle with one all-inclusive election every four years should be red flags.

Ruth Beeker

Why'd the 'Weekly' Skip Dallesandro?

I was glad to see that the Weekly endorsed Todd Camenisch for Senate in Legislative District 30, as he will do much for the state. Frank Antenori has proven to be fiercely anti-education and out of step with Arizona's needs.

However, I was disappointed to see that your staff skipped the important LD 30 House seat, which has Andrea Dalessandro as a highly qualified Democrat running against two Republicans running in lock-step with Antenori in their efforts to damage Arizona's infrastructure and harm our most vulnerable populations.

Laurie Soloff

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