A Gun-Toting Father May Be Teaching His Son About Safety

I read Tom Danehy's piece about running into a guy in a restaurant with a gun on his hip (July 29). Danehy quipped: What is this man teaching his son?

I often carry a pistol, since it is now lawful to do so in this state. Read the paper or watch the news reports. Statistics seem to verify that the nation feels a sense of unease and a feeling of peril. Arizona is at the forefront of this fear. The governor—standing in front of signs in our own desert warning us away from hiking, for fear of running into machine-gun-toting illegal aliens—is convincing evidence that the game has changed.

Regarding the gentleman in Danehy's piece: Let's assume he is teaching his son how to protect himself from harm. He is certainly protecting his family, isn't he?

Now, as far as what your paper is teaching: In one article, I counted the infamous "F" bomb more than a dozen times. Then there was an ad for "women who are dominatrixes."

And what, I might ask, are you teaching your children?

Roger Fulton

Danehy Is Right: Obama Has Been a Disappointment

Tom Danehy needs to make no apology for his opinion on Barack Obama (Aug. 12).

I consider myself a moderate, although under no circumstances would I ever vote for a Republican. Obama's so-called accomplishments, such as health-care reform, would not have happened without Nancy Pelosi. In so many ways, he unfortunately reminds me of the previous president: a lot of talk, and he never finishes anything. My frustration has advanced to disgust, and I will not vote for him again.

Don't even get me started on Gabrielle Giffords.

The Democrats are too arrogant and pitiful in their communications. However, the American people are the ones who got themselves in debt up to their butts with no way out. I have no sympathy for anyone but the poor and those who have found out how bad our insurance system really is.

Gregory E. Sweet

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