Vigilante Watch Groups + Alex Mills' Land = Everybody Wins!

Alex Mills' situation really stinks ("What a View!" Aug. 5), but I have come up with a plan that is a win-win for all involved (at least on this side of the fence).

There are all sorts of people running around in the desert and keeping an eye on the border. Well, they need a home base. The answer is simple: They need to mosey on down and buy those lots from Alex. They can have a home with a nice view of the fence, sit on their porch with their favorite beverage and la migra on speed dial, and keep their eyes wide open. Everybody wins. Alex gets some much-needed cash; the Border Patrol gets some free help; and the watch groups get to keep an eye on the fence they love. I'm sure they won't mind the view, the dust and the noise from the Border Patrol doing their thing.

So, border-watch groups: Get on down there, and pony up the cash. The best views of the fence will go fast.

Scott Severson

Alex Mills Needs to Quit His Bitching and Accept That Things Affect Property Values

Regarding the Aug. 5 cover story about Alex Mills' complaint that the border fence affects his property's value: There is no inherent right for anyone to gain maximum profits from anything. Many things affect values.

Quit your bitching, and learn to accept those truths. You'll just have to take what you can get.

Michael W. Fulmer

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