Danehy's SB 1070 Viewpoint Is Remarkably Sensible

Of the myriad columns written about the controversy surrounding SB 1070, Tom Danehy's in the May 20 Tucson Weekly was the best I've read up to now. He took a rational look at both sides of the issue and yet, as an opponent of the bill, managed not to succumb to the hysteria and the "you're either with us or against us" mentality that pervades so many issues these days.

In spite of seeing Danehy frequently criticized by readers in the Mailbag section, I have always found his opinions to be honest, balanced and well-thought-out. As it well should be, the expected reactions don't seem to influence what he writes.

Louie Levinson

Devine's Coverage of the Mentally Ill Has Had Good Results

A big thank you to David Devine for his continued efforts in fighting for the rights of the mentally ill ("Better Off Poor," Currents, May 13).

Through his writings, he has raised the community consciousness and had an effect in the passing of Proposition 100, which will have a positive impact on our community.

Kenneth V. Karrels
Psychologist, Chairman of the Pima County Human Rights Committee for the Mentally Ill

Comment From a Reader at TucsonWeekly.com

Regarding "Predators and Prey," May 20:

If you have served your time, you've served your time. You should be a 100 percent citizen again once you're free, with all the responsibilities and privileges pertaining thereto.

I don't believe in this half-citizenship stuff, such as not being able to buy a gun, not being able to vote, and being on a pariah list of sexual "offenses." All rubbish. However, I also do not believe in probation or parole. If you're in and serving time, you're in and serving time.

If you are out, then you are deemed fit to rejoin society, and there should be no restrictions.


RARE CRIMES? One in four women will be molested or raped in her lifetime. Having been the victim of a recidivist who never should have been released back into society, I was disappointed by the outlook of this reporter.


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