An ... Interesting Take on 'Liberals,' War Heroes and SB 1070

Please read the Constitution closely and see if you can find where it states that the rights therein are for all the citizens of the world.

The way liberals like you think, we should have never fought Japan or Germany; after all, they were just seeking their rights against us ("Political Insanity," Editor's Note, April 29). The Constitution was written by and for the citizens of this great nation, not anyone who is here by breaking the law. This country has a place called the "border," and the way you think, we should just tear it down. I hope that when the illegals start taking over all the homes (just as in Africa) and getting rid of the lawful owners, the liberals will be first.

I am a disabled veteran, and I am ashamed to think of all the men and women who died protecting the rights of "American" citizens—people who died for nothing, because you cannot wait to give it all away. Maybe you should go and live where your heart is—south of the border—and see how you are treated there, and then complain to them about YOUR rights while they are taking aim at you and ignoring you.

It is really too bad you do not have a true American heart, and your attitude shows it. It is a real shame you are such a no-good, and you are in a position to try to make people think Americans are in the wrong by loving their country.

I am sure you will never print this, because your type is not fair, either. You should go hide your face from good men everywhere.

Otto Kreipke

An ... Interesting Take on the Terms 'Wetback' and 'Illegal'

Thank you for being brave enough to label Russell Pearce for the racist that he is in your "Political Insanity" Editor's Note. When someone uses words like "wetback" to degrade an entire group of people, that person deserves to be called out for their discriminatory language.

As such, I feel compelled to call out the discriminatory, Pearce-esque language used by Leo W. Banks in the very same Tucson Weekly issue. The undocumented tend to be brown, which is why when Pearce calls them "wetbacks," you are right to call Pearce a racist. Banks, judging from the language he uses in "The Krentz Bonfire," is also a racist.

Let's ignore for a moment Banks' attempts to equate comprehensive immigration reform with the Pearce-playbook scare word "amnesty," and pretend that he didn't want us to take him seriously when he used the term "tortilla curtain." And when he quotes Glenn Spencer, let's quickly forget that after Shawna Forde and her Minutemen buddies (allegedly) broke into a Hispanic home in Arivaca and shot up the place—killing little Brisenia Flores and her father, and seriously injuring her mother—law enforcement caught Shawna hiding out at Glenn's place.

Ignore all that, and instead, let's look at language: When speaking of white border residents (his same buddies he always quotes in article after article), Banks uses words like "men," "wives," "boys" and "husband." And, to his credit, he refers to the mostly non-white border-crossers as "people." Once. The rest of the time, Banks calls the brown people he writes about "bad hombre," "mules" (which he seems to think needs italics), "illegal crossers" and, of course, Russell Pearce's favorite, "illegals."

"Wetback" is derisive. "Illegal" is derisive. I mean, which is worse—having some water on your back, or being police bait, against the law, born wrong?

Thanks again for speaking up to get racist language out of the Arizona Legislature and out of our law books. Now please keep it out of your paper.

Dan Millis

This Whole SB 1070 Thing: Just a Bad Dream?

I had a dream the other night: The sheriff of Maricopa County was driving to work and saw a station wagon carrying a mariachi band, all costumed out in big sombreros, neck scarves, embroidered outfits with silver spangles, and cowboy boots, singing away, "Aye, aye, aye-aye."

So he pulls them over to check if they've all got their seatbelts fastened, and the driver says, "We'se just headed for a gig, sheriff." Big Joe says, "Yah, sure. You look like a bunch of Mexicans to me! Everybody out of the car, and let's see those papers!"

I woke up, happy this can't really be happening.

Mike Dominguez

Fact Check: FAIR Is Far From Fair

A Mr. Linzmeyer used FAIR to make his feelings about SB 1070 be known ("SB 1070 Isn't About Race—but Perhaps We Should be Suspicious of Latinos," Mailbag, May 6). Does he know who the people of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) are, and who is on FAIR's board?

I suggest that he find out. Nice name, but they are questionable people regarding racial things.

Judith Hicks

By Accepting Rosemont Copper Ads, the 'Weekly' Is 'Legitimizing' Proposed Mine

I don't think the Tucson Weekly should be legitimizing Rosemont Copper's efforts to put an open-pit mine in the Santa Ritas by accepting advertising from them.

The company has shown that it is willing to put the environment and Tucson residents at risk because of an antiquated mining law. The residents of the Gulf Coast are learning the lesson of a company that promoted itself as "environmental," only to learn the true costs of their product. I only hope Tucson residents won't have to learn that same lesson.

Michael Hazzard

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