DiGiovanna Needs to Stop Focusing on Boobs

Did James DiGiovanna see the same movie I did? ("Tolstoy, Plus Boobs," Cinema, Feb. 18). Naturally, as an American male, he focused on the boobs.

As a woman with a Slavic background and one familiar with Tolstoy's life and work, I focused on the nuanced portrayal of Bulgakov, increasingly torn between loyalty to his employers—Tolstoy and Chertkov—and empathy for Sofya. His growing awareness of the manipulation and cruelty behind seemingly benign causes is one of the main themes. As for "making the beast with two liver-spotted backs," I did not see this scene. Was it expunged because they knew I was coming to view it? Perhaps DiGiovanna should see this film again, this time leaving his juvenile lenses at home.

Alex Rycar

Don't Like Jet Noise? Then Leave!

Regarding the Guest Commentary by David Ray (Feb. 18) about jet noise: I have been in this city since 1952. Our family moved to 29th Street and Craycroft Road in 1956, and I grew up there. No one was around then, but people kept moving to that area.

After time in the service and Vietnam, I got a house at approximately Kolb and Escalante roads. I have been here for more than 34 years, and the noise is nothing.

To Ray and all others: I will help you pack to move out of town at no charge. Please do it now.

Thomas Tucker


Due to an editing error, we incorrectly reported that Borderlands Theater is producing four plays this season ("Life on the Edge," Performing Arts, Feb. 25); actually, that number is three. We apologize for the mistake.

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