Nintzel's Feelings on Click Reveal an Embittered, Unhappy Individual

While looking through your newspaper to check on the opening time for Winterhaven's Festival of Lights, I came across "Get Out of Town!" (Dec. 17).

I found the section dealing with Jim Click particularly interesting, because it reflects an increasingly sad and disappointing practice in our society to judge—and condemn—people on the basis of their political beliefs. Following a brief reference to Mr. Click's generosity to deserving and disadvantaged individuals and groups, the writer went on to attack—and deride—Mr. Click because of his politics.

Apparently, we should all detest Mr. Click because he supports Republican candidates and causes. In years gone by, people were stereotyped on the basis of their race, gender, etc. Now, stereotyping on the basis of politics seems to be an increasingly prevalent feature of our culture. People like the writer of the article, when they wish to express their own opinions, tout the principles of "free speech," yet seem strangely blind to those principles when they dislike the opinion that somebody else chooses to express.

Based on my experience, such people—whether on the left or the right—are usually deeply embittered, angry and unhappy. I suspect Jim Nintzel is one of those individuals. We must all pity such people and wish them well in overcoming this nasty practice.

Scott Goering

A Fan of Danehy Expresses His Love

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 "Get Out of Town!" issue. There was one blaring omission from your otherwise fairly complete list—that being Tom Danehy.

I have always thought that to sully the pages of an otherwise prize-winning publication was a crime against journalism. I have wondered if he is related to Fitzsimmons of Arizona Daily Star infamy.

Danehy's opinions are often way off-base and pointless. They are offensive to those of us who do have a handle on what's going on.

I have tried without redeeming result to find something in Danehy's diatribes that would make me change my mind about him. Were it within my power, I would relegate Danehy to the journalistic scrapheap.

W.W. Wright

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