Claim: The Damage Done by Illegal Immigrants Should Be a Censored Story

I think you left out the biggest story not covered by the mainstream media in 2008 and 2009 ("Censored! Oct. 22). The damage done by illegal immigration is almost a taboo subject within the mainstream media. They filter the truth and facts through their political views rather than just report the news when it comes to immigration.

Even during California's huge budget crisis earlier in the year, the media refused to address the financial burden that illegal immigration causes. With low estimates at $3 billion per year and high estimates at $8 billion per year, the financial burden of illegals in California certainly rises well above the level of scapegoating.

The mainstream media doesn't cover the financial hardships caused to American families in the construction industry caused by illegal immigration. They don't cover the protests by inner-city black Americans who have had jobs taken away by illegal immigrants. They didn't give any coverage to the billions of dollars in stimulus money given to illegals that was sent via Western Union to Mexico and out of the U.S. economy.

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera has openly said that the media shouldn't cover the bad side of illegal immigration because it hurts the self-esteem of young Hispanic males. The rest of the media seem to have taken a similar stance. The Arizona Daily Star and The Arizona Republic have become unreadable because of the propaganda they peddle.

News outlets should report the news. Maybe that's the bigger story: The media is filtering which facts and which stories get reported, in accordance with their political beliefs.

Bryan Smith

Claim: If You Have a Weak Immune System, Perhaps You Should Avoid Vaccinations

Just because Tom Danehy is capable of spelling the word "science" and lots of other big words doesn't mean that anyone should pay any attention to what he wrote in his column on the topic of flu vaccinations ("Ignorance and Stupidity Are Leading Too Many People to Avoid Flu Vaccines," Oct. 15).

His own personal ignorance is exactly what is leading him to call people who want to avoid vaccinations this very thing: ignorant. Someone such as he, who claims to rarely have been sick and who gets over a cold in a couple of days due to it dying of boredom, is most likely blessed with a very functional immune system and a good set of genetics.

Unfortunately, there is a segment of the population consisting of people who lack his wonderful immune capacity, and in his ignorance, Danehy might think these are the very people who should be getting immunized against all types of the flu and other things. Very unfortunately, there are many medical professionals who hold this same opinion.

Autoimmune disorders are on the rise in our society and world. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye, and what you think you may know, you don't. If you spend a lot of time researching the topic, you still won't even skim the surface.

Having had an autoimmune disease for almost 30 years, and having used myself as a lab rat for much of the time—since what allopathic medicine has had to offer me is limited and has at times been far more damaging to me than my own careful experiments—I can say that my experience has taught me far more about what a body with autoimmune malfunction can tolerate than any medical literature could tell me.

Once the immune system no longer functions as it should, the body becomes unable to detoxify even the tiniest amounts of thimerosal (found in vaccines, which is, in essence, the toxic heavy metal mercury). Everything snowballs from there—viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus ... all reside symbiotically together with mercury in the body of the immune compromised. You don't want to burden an already overwhelmed system with yet something else it cannot fend off in a vaccine.

No, a better answer is to chelate the heavy metals and help support the body's detox systems by using supplements to help one bypass genetically faulty detox pathways and reduce other chemical exposures in the air, food and water one consumes, thereby putting less stress on the system. There are also many natural products that can bolster the immune system and actually kill viruses of all types.

One has to start researching themselves, taking responsibility for themselves and their children and depending less on what an "authority" figure tells one to do.

Pam Ruggles


Due to incorrect information from a source, we reported in "Tough Times" (Currents, Oct. 22) that during AIDSWALK 2009, the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation raised an amount of money that was on par with previous years' fundraising. However, after the story ran, SAAF let us know that this information was incorrect, and that the amount of money raised this year was actually the lowest in years—even though the number of participants had indeed increased.

We apologize for the confusion.

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