A Formerly Unhappy Reader Sees Improvement

Last year, I wrote, and you printed, a critical response to one of Catherine O'Sullivan's articles. I just read her latest one (May 28), and all I wish to say is that it was a very good article. She gave interesting views and comments, but most of all, she saved the best for last: Her closing paragraph is a must-read for everyone. Thank you!

I turned a few more pages and found another gem of an article, Jim Nintzel's "You Screwed Up" (May 28). It was a well-researched, well-documented and informative article.

Two great articles in one issue. Thank you again!

Larry Thompson

An ... Interesting Response to 'You Screwed Up'

Here's my rebuttal to Jim Nintzel.

1. You created term limits: There's a term limit for the president of the United States, so why not for all politicians? We the people wanted term limits, because way too many politicians were making a career out of lining their pockets and giving themselves pay raises, while doing nothing for us. Elected office is not a career or a job; it's an opportunity for the average Joe to give his best input and get out. We all know that once a politician gets into office, no matter how bad he is, it's hard as hell to get him out.

2. You stopped all tax increases. Funny, the state of Montana does not have a sales tax, yet they build roads and maintain them. Without the amended state Constitution, we'd probably be paying more than a 10 percent sales tax. It's not the amended Constitution that's the problem; it's the Legislature that cannot get its act together. This taxing and spending for all types of programs, like arts, is way off-base.

3. You decided you always know best. Damned right! Without the Voter Protection Act, we the people would pass a proposition, and if the Legislature didn't like it, they would just throw it out and say the voters didn't know what they were voting for.

4. You locked in annual increases in school spending. Who really screwed this up? It takes approximately $9,000 per student, per year, to run a school. The Legislature voted for all-day kindergarten and vouchers for students to go to private schools. You can't take money away without replacing it and hope the schools will keep running. Plus, all the illegal students take up resources and don't pay any taxes.

5. You locked in health-care spending. I would love to know where all the money from the tobacco companies went. Plus, think of all the illegals who had anchor babies and used up all the resources.

6. You created Clean Elections. Yes, we screwed up on this one. There were too many loopholes. It would have worked if people campaigned for five months instead of years.

Clifford Breidenfeld

When It Comes to Breeding, Think Quality, Not Quantity

To Steven Graeber: You hit the nail right on the head! People must stop and think about their actions, especially when they bring new life into this world ("Mankind Is Doomed Because of Overpopulation," Mailbag, May 14).

When God/dess said, "Go and multiply," this was in the beginning. We must start regulating the population. People may think it's cruel, but these are the same people who don't think past their stinking, selfish butts. People have not learned one thing except to do as they please, regardless of who it might affect. The main reason we were put on this Earth is to help one another. Well, this is my tip to the public: STOP HAVING BABIES. It's about, or should be about, quality, not quantity!

Rae A. Oliver

Article on GiGi Farley Didn't Merit Publication

With all due respect, this article (Messina, May 21) is mundane and certainly does not merit two-thirds of a page in the Tucson Weekly.

There are, I'm sure, plenty of 10-year-olds who aspire to all sorts of occupations, including president of the United States. A child choosing to view a documentary over some other sort of movie and watching the Today show (which is more fluff than news) is hardly noteworthy, nor does it reflect one's unique aspirations to enter politics.

Regarding her unfortunate incident on a school playground several years ago, I hardly think it's insightful that she said she was worried about the other girls on the playground instead of herself. It's probable that her concern for others was a result of what had happened to her personally. This is not unique behavior in adults or children.

I commend GiGi for writing an essay which was selected as one of 35 out of hundreds. (How many hundreds?) Still, I can't quite grasp why you suggest this accomplishment practically has her running for the presidency in 2036.

"Knowledgeable, confident and concerned for the welfare of others" are attributes to which we should all aspire, and many of us do. Maybe I'm missing the point here.

If GiGi was not the daughter of Rep. Steve Farley, would you have written this?

Gary H. Goodall

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