Rent Court Is All About Evictions and Nothing Else

My family and I have been through the revolving door that is "rent court" ("Home No More, Currents, June 26). My impression of the process is: Why even bother?

Rent court (Pima County Consolidated Justice Court), when administering the "Landlord and Tenant Act," is not meant to offer any recourse for tenants. It is an efficient rubber stamp for evictions in this county. No matter what the story is, or what the circumstance is, if you did not pay the money, you've got to go, cut and dry. And the court does not even discuss your security deposit.

In my case, we had the cash in court to catch up our rent. Judge Walter Weber really did me a favor by telling me that I could pay my landlord, and he would still evict me. I left court thinking that Weber had the easiest job in town: All he has to do is sign his name and bang that gavel 10 to 20 times a day. Now that's efficient government.

Paul Rodgers

Claim: The Pizza Here Isn't So-So; It's the Best in Town

As a native New Yorker (weaned on pizza) and a loyal Arizona Pizza Company customer, I need to respond to the very bland review ("Character Counts," Chow, June 26). The writer hit some very weak and silly points while reviewing a restaurant that has "pizza" in the name.

First of all, who cares if "Arizona" or "Kenny's" or "Eat Here" is in the name? Picking on the "Arizona" name gives one the impression that without jalapeno jelly, it would not be authentic. Goofy! Good pizza is a basic here, and there is more that this place offers: good, friendly service, with music, sports and games always offered.

The pizza is the best in Tucson, and when the author picks on the crust, I laugh. He cites "contemporary pizza standards" which to me implies that he professes the desire for simplicity but really seeks the nouveau cuisine that is simply not the fare here. You want tomato-basil focaccia? There are places that will provide! Eat at Arizona Pizza for good pizza, sandwiches, salads and service.

Nancy Tepper

When Discussing the Mars Lander's Achievements, a Sense of Humor Is Bad

Claire Engelken commented in "Mars Attacks Downtown" (City Week, June 26) that the UA's Phoenix Mars Lander has performed "such exciting feats as digging a ditch ... (for) science-geeks to salivate over." In her mind, perhaps Columbus' voyage to the Americas made sailing-geeks salivate, and Hillary's conquest of Mount Everest made hiking-geeks salivate, too.

Although landing on Mars might not be as newsworthy as Tiger Woods playing golf on a bum knee, it's still nice when writers understand their topic. The Phoenix Lander is the most amazing and significant thing to come out of Tucson in a long time.

Dean Langadas

But If We Only Published Logical Letters, There Would Be No Mailbag

Why do you publish such hateful, nonsensical letters such as the one by Jesus Jimenez ("Tom Danehy's a Meat-Eating, Oppressive Racist," Mailbag, June 26)? Tom Danehy puts out a well-written intelligent article. Someone doesn't agree with the viewpoint and responds with hateful name-calling and an assault on Tom's journalistic integrity. The letter wasn't even logical. The reader pointed out that Carlos (who he implies is a figment of Tom's imagination) doesn't want his tax dollars going to a program like Raza Studies. Jimenez's response is that he doesn't want his tax dollars (if he even pays taxes) to fund wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. Where's the connection? The two are not mutually exclusive. I don't want my tax dollars going toward wars in the Middle East or to fund a program like Raza Studies.

The letters that you publish should not be hateful in nature. They also should be logical.

Bryan Smith

Hey, Catherine: Love Can Indeed Be Found Through the Internet

We're writing to assure Catherine O'Sullivan (June 26) that you can find true love online. We met online in September 2006 via, and we were married on March 16, 2007, six months after we first met for coffee at a Starbucks.

While the article did make some good points, especially about speed dating (neither of us were inclined to try that and found it bizarre), and everyone's online dating experiences don't turn out as well as ours did, we would like to emphasize the strong points of online dating:

1. Pre-screening. In extended e-mail conversations like we had, you can find out where people's heads are really at--are they truly well-educated? Do they truly have similar interests? You can terminate the conversation if so inclined, rather than being unpleasantly surprised or even disgusted on a date.

2. You dramatically expand your dating pool. Instead of dating people you meet through work or other friends, you drop your line in a digital ocean. We would never have crossed paths any other way.

3. With e-mail conversations beforehand, you do a lot of the icebreaking work in the comfort of your home. Then when you meet in person, you have things to talk about, and you're far more comfortable then in a typical dating situation.

We urge Tucson singles to take a chance on online dating. It may be the best decision you ever made. It was the door to happiness for us.

Brian Churchill and Patricia Cooper

Claim: I Tried to Return that Constituent's Call, but Couldn't (Even Though Other Legislators Could and Did)

Regarding "Take a Stand" (Currents, July 3), which relates to an experiment on how quickly candidates for the state House and Senate return phone calls from a constituent: The calls that are referenced in the article came in to my home system when we were still in session in Phoenix. There were two messages on my answering system from someone who said she was a citizen "thinking of moving into District 26 and wanting to know my position on the AIMS test." When I tried to return the call, my call was blocked, and there was no way to leave a message.

The best way to reach legislators is through the toll free number at (800) 352-8404 (ask for your legislator by name or district); my direct line at (602) 926-3398; for the hearing impaired at (602) 926-3241; or at the Southern Arizona office: (520) 398-6000. All of these numbers are answered five days per week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays, by our professional staff. Messages are passed on promptly. If you would rather e-mail, please contact me at You can find information about your legislator's contact info by visiting

My campaign may be reached through or (520) 762-7283.

Rep. Nancy Young Wright


In "Clash of the Titans" (The Skinny, July 10), Legislative District 29 House candidate Eric Bustamante's first name was inadvertently listed as Alex. We apologize for the error.
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