Greens: Why's The Skinny Hatin' on Us?

Regarding the Aug. 9 Skinny ("It Would Have Been a Glorious War"), I'm wondering why Jim Nintzel thinks the upcoming mayoral race won't be interesting, or even exciting, unless it's John Kromko versus Bob Walkup.

The Green Party's existing candidate, Dave Croteau, offers Tucson and its economy a clear choice that neither major party embraces. It displays neither vision nor hope to think the path to Tucson's economic future is encouraging more low-wage, no-benefit service jobs and paving over the rest of our fragile desert ecosystem so special interests can continue amassing obscene fortunes.

If the press' role is to educate and raise awareness, the Green-versus-Republican choice and Croteau's sustainability-through-relocalization campaign should generate more interest than anything the Weekly's covered in decades.

I'd like to ask independents a question regarding Nintzel's suggestion to write in Kromko: You're an independent because neither entrenched party serves your interests, correct? Since you recognize this fact, and you care enough about your community to participate in politics, you're probably aware that hope for a vibrant and viable future depends on becoming sustainable. Who actually understands sustainability? Who has a realistic, systemic plan for reaching that goal? Only Croteau meets these criteria.

Tucson's future is at stake, especially considering what's rushing toward us--peak oil, global warming, economic meltdown and loss of sovereignty to corporations. The best we seem able to do is adopt the deer-in-the-headlights stance and hope the status quo will somehow protect us from the mess it created.

Folks, we do have a choice available, and the Green Party is honored to give you the opportunity to vote on that choice.

Dave Ewoldt
Campaign manager, Dave Croteau for Mayor

Amphi Was Not the Only School Around in the Ol' Days

Having read with interest John Schuster's story about the retirement of Jeannie Jett after a distinguished career in the news business ("Citizen Library Duo Retires Together After 77 Combined Years," Media Watch, Aug. 2), to what or whom should I ascribe the interesting error that Amphi High was the only high school in her youth? Tucson High School was open in 1906-1907, and prior to that, the Old Adobe School was reopened in 1906.

Feel free to consult Bridging Three Centuries, The History of the Tucson Unified School District 1867-1993.

Georgia Brousseau

Glassman's Just Looking to Pad His Résumé

Rodney Glassman could never have accomplished all he has without the silver spoon ("Lopsided Contest," Currents, Aug. 9). His family has received millions in farm subsidies, and are getting even more; family members, who all are co-owners of Blitz/Glassman farms in Fresno, Calif., have gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars from farm subsidies this year alone.

Mr. Glassman has worked with KB Home. He is an adviser on the board at Bank of Tucson, which works closely with PrimeVest and Countrywide Mortgage. They are involved heavily with subprime loans, which are responsible for millions of foreclosures by lending people too much money.

Mr. Glassman has been working for the last several years on getting into public office. We do not need someone with his big-business leanings on the City Council. We need someone who cares about us, not just setting up a résumé for bigger and better things--like if we get a new congressional district in this area.

Mikki Niemi

Those Who Judge Are Hosed!

The Aug. 2 Mailbag contains two letters that cannot go without response ("Even Though We Equate Homosexuality With Sinning and Pedophilia, We Do So Lovingly," and "Claim: If You Believe in the Bible, You Think Homosexuality Is Bad"). One launches its "love message" with a statement equating homosexuality with sinning and pedophilia, closing with the arrogant canard of "loving the sinner but hating the sin."

Original manuscripts of the books of the Bible were not conveniently edited into chapters and verses. A glaring abuse using the modern convenience of dividing into chapter and verse is found in a reading of Romans, Chapters 1 and 2. The justification for condemning homosexuals is found in the closing verses of Chapter 1. Those who use that authority to judge miss the connection into Chapter 2 that continues, "Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things."

Paul Barby

Bicyclists Bring Many Problems Upon Themselves

I'm sorry Phillip Newman feels the need to give up his bicycle because of driver abuse ("An Idiot in a Truck Sends a Bicyclist Looking for the Car Keys," Mailbag, July 12). You shouldn't have to suffer while pursuing something that obviously gives you pleasure, along with the ecological and health benefits awarded by cycling. And I'm sorry you suffered injury from the idiot with the water bottle.

But what is it with cyclists in this town?

For example, I once encountered a large pack of cyclists waiting to cross the road at a red light. They were obviously grouped to the bike path side of the road (nice of them), but were also blocking the right-turn lane, which I wanted to use (not so nice). When I politely tapped the horn (emphasis on "politely tapped"), they became arrogant, confrontational and abusive. Apparently, "sharing the road" was, in their lexicon, one-sided in their favor.

But I'm sure, Mr. Newman, that you'd never do anything so thoughtless.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen cyclists maneuver clearly in violation of posted traffic signs and common sense. It's ironic that they expect drivers to behave according to the rules.

And I'm sure, Mr. Newman, that you obey the laws and are always cautious.

How often is a cyclist cited for wrongdoing? My guess is not enough, considering their behavior on the road.

As a cyclist, you will no doubt take offense to this rant and likely assume I have no cred to express these views. Guess again: As a former cyclist, I have sympathy. As a founding member of the Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club, I am familiar with issues confronting cyclists and the lobbying efforts necessary to change the opinions and attitudes of those against cycling.

Just because all the planets aligned to make cycling a "good thing," and the government sees fit to support your activities, it doesn't mean you can abuse others around you. Use some intelligence, and share the road. There are a lot of stupid drivers out there, and the high road to survival is thoughtful, intelligent defensive riding.

Kelly Brown

And Finally, Some Love for a Movie That Flopped

I read your excellent review of Sunshine, and went right out to see it ("A Star Is Born," Cinema, July 19). It was amazing. I agree with all that you said--easily one of the best science-fiction movies of the last 20 years. (Ever?) Thanks for the tip. Keep up the good work.

Mark Biery


In "Freshman Disorientation" (Aug. 23), we reported that Plaza Liquors sells kegs; in fact, the store does not sell kegs. We apologize for the gaffe.
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