The 'Weekly' Got It Right on Smoking Initiatives

Thanks for encouraging voters to support Proposition 201 and to vote no on 206 in your recent issue ("Decisions, Decisions '06," Oct. 5).

The tobacco companies have disguised their fake ban, Proposition 206, under the label the "Non-Smoker Protection Act." All it would protect is tobacco-company profits. There's no funding for enforcement, and it allows smoking in bars, even if those bars are in restaurants, comedy clubs or bowling alleys.

Recent ads by the 206 backers talk about all the tax money 201 would cost Arizonans. It's really just 2 cents per pack of cigarettes, and the money goes to fund enforcement.

Secondhand smoke harms and kills people. Let's have smokers step outside like they do in the thriving smoke-free businesses in California and several other states. More facts can be found on and .

Tom Scott

We're Surprised This Writer Didn't Use the Phrase 'Trickle Down'

The economic ignorance of Weekly writers is astonishing. I am amazed how often I see a writer lament the horrors of "tax cuts that benefit the wealthy" ("Decisions, Decisions '06," Oct. 5).

Some basic facts regarding income-tax policy: When marginal tax rates are reduced across the board, tax revenues to the government increase at a greater rate than revenues created by tax increases. That's right: By not penalizing productivity, people work harder and pay even more in taxes, because they can keep more of their own money. In addition, when tax rates are decreased on the "rich," they actually pay a greater share of the total tax burden. Conversely, when rates on the "rich" are increased, they pay a smaller share of the total tax burden, requiring those of us in the lower-income levels to make up the difference. This information has been released not only by the Internal Revenue Service, but by the revenue departments of the United Kingdom and Australia as well. This does not even address the devastation caused by targeted increases in taxes.

So, since tax cuts help everyone including the government, and tax increases hurt everyone, the only question that remains is: Who could be ignorant enough to oppose tax cuts and actually promote tax increases? Of course, there are our elected politicians, particularly those on the left, but I repeat myself.

Jim Metras

Fact: Internet Access Is Far From Universal

Walter Kovacs' comment ("Censored List Is Just a Bunch of Liberal Hooey," Mailbag, Oct. 12) that "every newspaper in the world (is) available to anyone anytime via the Internet" illustrates clearly how much his class privilege insulates him from the real world. The small percentage of people in the world who have Internet access--about 17 percent, according to statistics I've read--falls a bit shy of "anyone anytime."

Even if Mr. Kovacs' apparent belief in American exceptionalism dictates that we ignore the rest of the world and focus on Internet access here in the United States, that still leaves blacks, Latinos and Native Americans significantly behind their white counterparts in Internet access, according to a report from the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. Is this Mr. Kovacs' idea of democratic media? If so, I think he's the last person we should consult about accuracy and objectivity in the media.

Matt Peters

We Encourage This Reader to Type "Voting Machines" in Our Online Archive Search

Thanks for Connie Tuttle's article "Another election could be stolen, thanks to electronic voting machines" (Oct. 12). I've been wondering since 2000 when you were going to get it. With the Republicans in power again, we'll do even less (if that's possible) than the Democrats to slow the exponential progress of global warming, and we will die sooner. But as one blues song said, "It's OK if the world gotta end, I don't think we coulda took much more."

Just answer me one question before Big Oil and Big Daddy really turn the heat on: What took you so long? What is the disconnect in the so-called human, so-called brain that ignored warnings from bloggers like Keith Olbermann and Greg Palast, Black Box Voting, The Commission on Federal Election Reform, John Conyers, Michael Moore ... and me pounding on the doors of Congress and the media with my little bitty bleeding fists, to no avail?

I can't get the image out of my mind of Bush smirking as he told the reporters, "We're going to win Florida. You can WRITE IT DOWN!" When will the few Democrats left in Congress get it and stop crowing over their irrelevant poll numbers and launch a suit? What can the Weekly do? Oh hell, I don't know, maybe pick this story up and run with it like a football?

Maybe lose the food reviews and the editorial page? And the cutesy articles? You've already got your money made on the sex ads and the personals. Why don't you ask your readers what they want: fluff or facts?

Dennis Williams

One of Our Biggest Fans Writes a Loving Note

Thankfully, I'll be leaving Tucson soon, so I won't have to read garbage opinion pieces by Connie Tuttle.

Oh, I know, no one's making me read them, but you just open the Tucson Weekly, and they're there, staring you down. Just like when you turn on the AM stations and are forced to hear a barrage of right-wing conservative garbage, so, too, must you be bombarded by PC Nazi liberal garbage in these free newspapers across the country. What a shame we can't have nonparty, common-sense viewpoints printed. No ... instead, we need the old "kill people with penises" (feminist Nazi) or an essay on "Why America is so bad and shame on anything American day" from Connie Tuttle.

Personally, I'm a registered independent, so both extremes piss me off immensely. Just a suggestion for "another election could be stolen" ... let me guess, for months, those Republicans knew Florida would be the swing state, so they planted the DEVIOUS CHADS! Oooooo! How about, uh ... take personal blame. Maybe some voters were ... uh, STUPID?

I'll write my name and address, though old Jimmy B. doesn't like me because I've disagreed with several of his opinions, whatever ... as long as one person reads this, and I retain it for my records, hell, I'm happy. Keep your stinking Connie, please ... don't let her move to where I'm moving!

Jesse Nelson

Are Huffman and Click Sexist?

Thanks for your good article on the Congressional District 8 race ("Balance of Power," Oct. 12). What a surprise to learn that Steve Huffman and Jim Click are targeting only the Democratic Party's women for their attacks--re: the fundraising letter that targets Nancy, Hillary and Gabby! One would expect that from Randy Graf, a guy who knowingly hired a sexual predator to run his campaign. But I thought some Republicans were more reasonable than Graf.

I guess you have to drink the Kool-Aid to be a part of the GOP.

Sonja Macys

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