Thanks for Exposing Proposition 207 Shenanigans

Thank you to Tim Vanderpool for clearing up any confusion regarding this "bait-and-switch" ballot initiative, Proposition 207 ("Taking Liberties," Currents, July 27). It's absolutely immoral how the authors and out-of-state contributors present and support this initiative as though it were simply protecting citizens from eminent domain, while actually allowing developers to be compensated when restrictions are placed on development of their properties.

If a "taking" is when developers lose property or property values when governments take or enact a law, what about the "taking" individual homeowners suffer when their property values are diminished by zoning changes awarded to developers?

Arizona voters should always be suspicious about any issue that's primarily funded by out-of-state interests. On this proposition in particular, Arizona voters should vote NO!

Barbara Lehmann

Danehy Needs to Go to Africa and Tell Them to 'Act Right'

I would like to say a few things in regard to Tom Danehy's opinions about the current HIV/AIDS crisis (Aug. 31).

His comment--that "you have to go out and get AIDS. You pretty much have to work at it"--is stupefying in its ignorance. One does not need to think long to come up with myriad ways by which one could get this disease without being the victim of a violent crime. Ever hear of a condom breaking? What about a child who's born with it? How about a hospital worker who is accidentally jabbed with a dirty needle? Also, when one considers the human element involved in sexual relationships, that people are not robots who can always "act right," the problem becomes far more complicated than Danehy would like to believe.

He scoffs at the idea that if this disease were affecting white men at the same rate, the issue would get more attention. He justifies his response by saying, "In this country, this disease started off affecting almost exclusively white men," conveniently forgetting that the men were GAY! Of course, they're never discriminated against.

I find it pathetic that he apparently has a limited reserve of sympathy that he must dole out carefully so as not to use it all up. His view is quite apparently a narrow American one. Please go to sub-Saharan Africa and tell everyone there how simple it is for them to get this crisis under control if they would only "act right."

Dan Ellerbroek

Mentioning Two Cretins Were Boy Scouts Unnecessarily Sullies All

I read with interest and a sense of deja vu about Bill Arnold and his shenanigans concerning Sen. Toni Hellon ("Lack of Restraint," Currents, Aug. 31). I was a target myself of Bill Arnold when I was in the Arizona Senate and chairman of the select committee on creating a buffer zone around the Saguaro National Park East, which I favored. That got me stalked by builders who hired a private detective to follow me around. Bill Arnold was in the thick of it then, as now, looking for a cheap buck by blading the desert.

However, I thought the gratuitous comment about Arnold running around with his chum from Boy Scouts was a bit much. What in the world does that have to do with the story or these two gentlemen?

I can assure you there are no merit badges for skullduggery or peeping toms in the Boy Scout program. If these two are still in the Boy Scouts, I would appreciate knowing about it so something can be done about their involvement.

As my son earns his Eagle rank this month, I am particularly incensed with this effort to cheapen the Boy Scouts program, one I have been heavily involved in for many years. It has taken nine years for my son to reach this pinnacle, reached by only 4 percent of all scouts. We are justifiably proud of his achievement.

I trust an apology can be made to the thousands of dedicated scouts and scouters active in Tucson, who are promoting young men and women to reach high standards of citizenship, morals and leadership.

Jeffrey J. Hill
Chairman, Catholic Committee on Scouting
Diocese of Tucson

Sept. 11 Victims Showed Compassion by Voting Against Bush

In Dave Devine's "A Divided Land" (Currents, Sept. 7), a person from Tucson made the statement in regards to our enemies, "We want to kill 'em now, do twice or three times to them (what they did to us)." Then he states, "If it was your younger brother or sister (who died), what would you do?"

I will tell you what those who lost friends and family did do. I was born and raised in Manhattan, and I worked in the north tower for several years at a brokerage firm on the 71st floor. The facts are that the counties struck by airplanes on Sept. 11 all voted firmly for the other guy. Manhattan voted 84 percent for Kerry. These are the people who lived the gruesome reality of that day.

Why did those directly affected by Sept. 11 seem to develop more compassion for the human condition, while those folks in the red states developed more hatred? Try to answer that question and remember that the 9/11 Commission found no links between al-Qaida and Iraq. Remember that our commander in chief promised while standing on the pile at Ground Zero that he would get those responsible for bringing down the towers. I know a few firefighters in New York who are still waiting on this one.

John Allison

A Final Note From Francine Shacter

Thank you, Jim Nintzel, for your comments on my candidacy for Congress ("Climbing the Hill," Aug. 31). I think you've done a good job of covering the Congressional District 8 campaign, especially now that you spell Shacter correctly. My pens were the symbol of my campaign--and I gave them to people with these comments: My pens are like me--they work very well! They have my name, so you can vote for me.

And if they ever become collector's items, you can sell them on eBay!

Francine Shacter

Just for the Heck of It ...

I have kind of an odd request. The other day, my 7-year-old nephew, my 4-year-old niece, my fiancé and myself painted big wooden boards in memory of Sept. 11 and those lost. We took advantage of the location of our home and displayed them in front of our house on Grant Road so that the people who drive by will be forced to remember, if only for a moment.

The Arizona Daily Star came and took pictures. My nephew proceeded to tell his whole class, only to be disappointed when he saw only a picture of me and not the board.

Is there any way at all that you can print this picture of Anthony DiPilla and Ella von Guilleaume to show that even children are remembering the day? You'll make their day by showing the hard work they did is appreciated.

Kolleen Kearney

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