When It Comes to Immigration, More Is Not Always Merrier

I suppose some of the opposition to the current flood of Hispanic/Mexican people coming across the southern border can be attributed to racism, but much is not. And just because there were other migrations of people into this land, that doesn't justify that migration should always be on an ongoing basis (Tuttle, May 25).

I also doubt that the people who were here originally would have any kindness for any of the other interlopers Connie Tuttle mentioned if they'd had a clue about what was going to befall them. So many died opposing that infestation of their lands once they realized what was coming.

Their American dream has long been destroyed and replaced by one where material acquisition and destruction is a way of life. If this is the Promised Land to most of the inhabitants, then just imagine what it looks like to those who watch it being destroyed by people whose only purpose is to continue that destruction. I understand there is a "the more, the merrier" mentality that is largely reflected in Tuttle's piece; perhaps it's not quite the same kind of collective memory that she mentions that needs to be refreshed.

I guess if two wrongs don't make it right, then perhaps three will. Maybe four. What about five? Do I hear six, seven or eight?

Brad Rollings

Stop Development By... Wasting Water?

For those of us who want to stop development and save what desert is left around Tucson, the message of your Water Issue (June 1) is clear: We need to run our taps and hoses as much as possible.

According to the state's 2004 Drought Preparedness Plan, we will have to reach extreme drought conditions before a moratorium on building permits is considered ("The Great Water Shuffle," June 1). If we don't use up the existing water as fast and frivolously as we can, by watering our yards, leaving the taps running and washing our cars incessantly, they will use it to build more developments, golf courses and environmentally ruinous sprawl.

Tucsonans, you know your duty. Let's do our best to provoke a drought crisis and clear the scum out of this town.

Richard Grant

The Builders Are Bringing Water? Wishful Thinking!

I enjoy your weekly newspaper. I do not necessarily agree with everything that you print, but your paper is worth reading.

My question is: With all the building going on in Tucson, particularly on the eastside where I live, can anyone tell me where the water is coming from for all the new construction of homes?

I assume builders do not care. We in Tucson will be the ones to suffer unless maybe the builders are bringing in the water for these new homes!

Jim Nixon

A Little Bit of Recommended Reading

I read your Editor's Note about how parched the desert looked and saw your question: "Can this go on forever?" ("Water Water Nowhere," May 4). I thought I'd send you a quick note.

According to Marc Reisner in Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water, the answer is: No, it can't go on forever.

Cadillac Desert is terrifying, a real eye-opener. Reisner discusses why every civilization in history that relied on irrigation has failed, then reviews our nation's water situation and shows how we're setting ourselves up to fail as well. It sounds dull and pointy-headed, but Marc Reisner, who died, alas, in 2000 at age 51, was a great writer, and the book is more than readable; it's gripping.

Gary Payne

A One-Sided Letter About 'One-Sided Cinema'

Your review of Sir! No Sir! ("One-Sided Cinema," Cinema, June 1) ends with the tired journalistic canard about "both sides of these issues." What is the "other side" of the fact that the U.S. government repeatedly lied to its citizens and soldiers about the Vietnam War? What is the "other side" of the fact that war crimes were committed in our name, of the fact that more than a half-million enlisted men staged a mutiny, of the fact that our leadership poisoned Vietnam's civilians and our own troops with Dow Chemical Corporation's "Agent Orange"?

A film like this should get a more mature review.

R.C. Leonard

A Rebuttal of Sorts Regarding KXCI Controversies

Regarding KXCI ("Conspiracy Theories Aside: Where's the Coverage of KXCI?" Mailbag, May 25): I'm not wild about Celtic music, and some programs that I loved have been replaced. Change is inevitable, although the "how and why" of changes are indeed legitimate areas of discussion. Some of us were not fans of Chris Limberis, and I agreed with the Weekly's decision to remove him from the story.

There will always be something wrong with the station in someone's eyes, especially as the lifecycle of this quarter-century-old organization approaches maturity. But carping and rhetorical, self-righteous accusation followed by claims of credit for changes smacks of ego. John Murphy's letter hashes over things that began two general managers ago and is riddled with current buzz words. His less-articulate followers parrot phrases like inclusion, transparency, accountability and responsibility.

I, for one, thank Randy Peterson, as well as the board and staff of KXCI, who have kept the station flowing during a bizarre period. In this time of governmental surveillance and suppression, which is beginning to exceed even the McCarthy era because of more sophisticated technology, the concept of community radio should be fostered mightily by many diverse voices.

Martha B. Hopkins

And Finally, a National Socialist Denies Getting E-mail From Laine Lawless

In regards to recent comments on the National Socialist Movement and Laine Lawless ("Lawless Territory," The Skinny, April 27, and "Laine Lawless: I Deserved Better Than The Skinny," Mailbag, June 1):

The National Socialist Movement denies the entirety of the Southern Poverty Law Center's allegations regarding an alleged e-mail sent to Mark Martin by Laine Lawless.

The Southern Poverty Law Center claims to have received this e-mail after it was forwarded on to a mailing list by Mark Martin. As we have pointed out to other publications, if this was the case, it would be impossible for them to have full headers "proving" that Laine Lawless sent this e-mail to Martin.

We believe this e-mail is a fake that has been promulgated by the mostly homosexual and Jewish activists at the Southern Poverty Law Center to create needless sensation.

The National Socialist Movement opposes illegal immigration and opposes all approaches to the illegal immigration issue that do not recognize it as primarily a race issue.

We concur with Ms. Lawless' remarks that Morris Dees and Mark Potok are unreliable. Court records claim that Morris Dees kidnapped his second wife and beat her until she signed an unfavorable divorce agreement; he has also been accused of raping his stepdaughter and seducing his son's wife. We do not believe a man of that character, or those who associate with him, can be taken on their word as trustworthy news sources.

Bill White
National Socialist Movement

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