Solution to Border Woes? A Huge Fence!

This is a solution for the recent letter to the editor "U.S. Government to Blame for Migrant Deaths" (Mailbag, Nov. 10).

You may have seen the MSNBC program where a camera crew followed a group of entrants and their coyote. It was noted that some entrants discard their water supply, clothing and other items, even though these items are typically necessary for desert life. At times, these entrants get separated from their coyotes. These coyotes may not search for those who get separated from the entrant group. Without any knowledge of desert survival, those separated can die from exposure.

National news has shown that San Diego has constructed a three-layer fence along its border with Mexico. The news reports say that there have not been any border crossings along this fence. Building a fence of this nature along the Mexican border at locations where a crossing would expose an entrant to the desert, or other forbidding regions, would prevent crossing and seriously deter deaths or injury from extreme exposure.

Richard Demme

Covered in the Next Issue: Black Helicopters!

Thank you so very much for publishing Randy Serraglio's article on the conspiracy party he attended (Guest Commentary, Dec. 1)!

As an individual who originally supported the decision to enter Afghanistan four years ago in order to find Osama bin Laden, I have changed my opinion. For the past two years, I have been researching Sept. 11 and now write about it.

I can tell you beyond any shadow of a doubt that there are countless lies contained in the official story that our government and mainstream media have been telling us. Not only did our government "know" they were coming; some insiders actually helped to make it happen. And believe me, this is saying something big, coming from a skeptic who backed the United States entering into both wars--that is, before I started doing my own research.

There are a few places were you can go for more information. Some of my personal favorites are:;;; and

I will check back in the future and look for more great articles that go into the truth (where the rest of the mainstream media fails to go). Americans are smarter than ever, and they want the truth. Thank you!

Cathy Garger

Serraglio's Commentary: One of the Best Things EVER!

If I had to pick the best things I've ever read in the Tucson Weekly, the piece by Randy Serraglio on Sept. 11 conspiracy theories would make my short list. While other papers, if we're lucky, might suggest that lies were used to justify the war in Iraq, those "lies" are usually about nuclear weapons or links between Iraq and al-Qaida. Rarely does any paper dare to suggest that the official account of the Sept. 11 attacks was also a collection of lies.

We are supposed to believe that not once, but three times, the Federal Aviation Administration, NORAD and the Air Force--all with ample time--failed to perform their basic, routine duties in response to the commercial airplanes that went off course on the morning of Sept. 11. Curiously, the Pentagon's anti-missile system also managed to fail the same morning.

Government incompetence does occur, so maybe none of that means anything.Where the official account really fails miserably is explaining (or failing to explain) how 110 stories of structural steel, which would melt at 2,770 degrees, could be damaged by a jet-fuel fire that would reach a maximum of 1,700. The collapse of the Twin Towers required more than the work of hijackers; it required the work of demolition experts. Who were they?

The Bush administration spent far less money investigating the collapse of the towers than we spent a few years before, investigating Bill Clinton's blowjob. I don't know why that is, but I do know that if I were guilty of aiding a crime like the Sept. 11 attacks, either through gross negligence or complicity in a conspiracy, I wouldn't want to help any investigations.

Matt Peters

Telling Border Residents to 'Read Up' Is Simplistic

Concepcion E. Keenan's response ("Susie Morales' Efforts Are 'Simplistic,'" Mailbag, Dec. 1) to Leo Banks' article on Susie Morales' life on the border ("Susie's Letter to Mexico," Nov. 10) is exactly why I find it hard some days to claim my leftist/liberal heritage. Keenan's analysis of the socio-political issues in Mexico and Latin America that contribute to immigrants crossing our southern borders is undoubtedly correct. But telling the people who must find a way to live with the death and danger happening all around them on a daily basis to "read some books on Mexican and Latin-American history" is like giving a lecture on the origin of fire while your house is burning down. When are the immigrants-rights advocates--and I count myself among them in many aspects--going to get real about the rights and the needs of the border residents who are watching their land and livelihood being destroyed?

"... (W)hy not consider moving to a safer area?" Are you kidding me? You're talking about homes, communities, places people have lived and raised their families for generations. If a group of homeless people decide to camp in my backyard, should I just move out of some misguided sense of compassion and political correctness? The people from Latin America and Mexico who break into Susie Morales' home, whether out of hunger or for more sinister reasons, don't give a rat's ass whether she "broadens her horizons and acquires an in-depth understanding" of their social conditions, and all the correct political analysis in the world isn't going to fix the fact that the ranchers and others who live along the border need practical solutions to an out-of-control situation. If anything, it is Concepcion E. Keenan who has erred on the side of being "simplistic."

Paula Klein

Back to Serraglio: He Wants the Truth? Well, Wake Up!

Randy Serraglio needs to get with the times. He needs to recognize Oliver Stone's JFK for what it is: three hours of lies and distortions.Randy needs to see Peter Jennings' program Beyond Conspiracy, and he needs to read the book Case Closed by Gerald Posner. Jennings and Posner explain all of the so-called "mysteries" which are completely un-mysterious. All LEGITIMATE research from the past 15 years has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Oswald acted alone.There was no conspiracy. The magic bullet was not magic. It was a full-metal-jacketed bullet designed to pass through bodies, which it did. Yes, Kennedy made many enemies, but only one guy killed him.

And Osama bin Laden planned and executed Sept. 11. Unlike Oswald, who was lost and alone, bin Laden had many friends to help him. Wake up, America. The truth is at your fingertips. Sometimes you don't have to dig very far to find it.

Sam Zales

What Good Would a UA-Downtown Trolley Do?

I cannot understand the Regional Transportation Authority's obsession for a trolley that runs from the UA, where there is no free public parking, to downtown Tucson; UA police live for writing parking tickets ("The Price Ain't Right," Currents, Oct. 13).This basically means students will be the only ones to use it, and to do what? Go bar hopping and get drunk? Also, how many people will drive downtown, where there is no free parking, to take a trolley to the UA? Sounds like just another $89 million cutesy tourist attraction.

Paul Cragle

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