SAAVI Fundraiser Supporter: HOA Veep Needs to Get Over Himself

In a day and age when so many people seem to expect a handout without putting forth any effort, along comes this "vice president" of one of our local "Neighborhood Tell Me How To Run My Life Associations" trying to squash what is a great way for a local organization to raise much-needed funds to keep their wheels turning (" SAAVI Motorcycle Fundraiser: Good Cause, Bad Location," Mailbag, Aug. 25) . And by the way, I'm a member of one of those "rock" bands that have taken part in this awesome event. We were not loud by any standards, and we stopped playing at 9:30 p.m. I just don't get it. It's a great event, and none of the activities ever come close to being a "recipe for disaster."

We are talking about motorcycles, some of them valued at $60,000 or more. A lot of these motorcycle owners are doctors, lawyers, policemen, firemen and local business owners, people who are proud of their bikes, who enjoy getting together and showing off their toys while having some good, clean fun, raising money and promoting awareness for a great cause.

I think this "vice president" should open his eyes and ears and come join the fun. He may have a good time and at the same time help out his community for a change instead of trying to run it. By the way, unlike the so-called "vice president," ROCK 107.5 is a credit to the community, and is always first in line to lend support for these kinds of great public-service events.

I personally think that if everyone spent more time trying to find ways to help out their fellow man instead of trying to run things down, the world would be a whole lot brighter. And I want to thank the people who put this event together, spending hours of their own personal time making this happen each month. You are a credit to your community, and I will always be ready to lend a hand when it's needed.

Charlie Faucher, bass and lead vocals, The Wrecking Crew

O'Sullivan's Racist Screed Ignores American Culture

I read Catherine O'Sullivan's ridiculous commentary (Aug. 25) in which she states: "There's something the matter with white people," and, "If it wasn't for Mexican culture, Tucson, Arizona wouldn't have any culture at all." Huh? I was not only offended by these seemingly racist remarks; it is so totally untrue. She equates her parking-lot, nose-picking guy as representing all white men. Yeah, we know the type, and she's correct there--they are all too common, not just here, but all over the country. And have you noticed--these types come in all ethnicities?

If only she would look a bit further, she may be surprised at what Tucson does have to offer in addition to her "only" Mexican culture.

When I first moved here 18 years ago, I was surprised and pleased to find a wealth of culture--and not just Mexican culture, which I happen to love. Has Ms. O'Sullivan ever heard of our local opera, our ballet, our symphony orchestra, our musical theater and drama companies--all second to none--or are those forms of American culture too high for her? This is like that common and totally false belief that white men can't dance because they "have no rhythm." If you believe that, then what about Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, for example--or the Irish Riverdance company? Or those great and world-famous dancers Nureyev and Baryshnikov?

So, Ms. O'Sullivan, please visit the many cultural offerings in our theaters and our many cultural events and try to absorb some of the real Tucson/American culture, and not just the parking-lot variety.

Richard Holden

I Related to O'Sullivan's Screed

I have to say that Catherine O'Sullivan's article rocked! These are the words I have wanted to say to Tucson for ages, I was born and raised here, and at 23, I cannot understand how "white people" can be so stupid! My blonde hair and green eyes can be deceiving, which is why I sport a bumper sticker that reads, "I love my country, but I think it's time we see other people."

Delora Pyritz

Walker's Candidacy Could Have Let a Fox Into the Chicken House

It was with great interest that I read Jim Nintzel's article about Vernon Walker ("Meet Vernon Walker," Aug. 25). The article was very provocative, well-researched and to the point.

It is truly amazing that someone who has voted only once in 25 years suddenly takes an interest in politics so that he can run for City Council! With all the lawsuits against Walker, and his accumulated debts, how could anyone have expected him to be prudent with the financial resources of the city of Tucson? His refusal to refund deposit money is a form of hucksterism!

He said that he was going to be tough on crime? Some of his past wheeling and dealing borders on criminal behavior! It makes more sense to hire foxes as security guards to watch over the chicken house than to have Vernon Walker on the City Council!

Wolfgang Golser

Vernon Walker: Perfect Politico

Chuckle if you must, or express disgust: Vernon Walker sounds like the perfect politician to me.

George Hovey

Banks' Border Coverage Gets to the Truth

Finally, we have a media source that will permit the truth to be printed without reporting biased, unfounded and obvious lies ("Images From the Battleground," Aug. 11). It seems that other media sources could learn a lesson from the Tucson Weekly.

Thank you for printing this most newsworthy article. Those individuals and groups who oppose these types of articles are anti-American and want our beloved country to be turned into slums by opening our borders completely.

J. Nixon

Our Border Experiences Sure Sound Familiar

Thanks for a wonderful exposé of a criminal problem. No one has bothered to do anything about this for the past 20 years, because the illegals are always portrayed as just a bunch of guys looking for a job. You certainly shot a cannon-sized hole in that theory. We have known Lyle Robinson for perhaps 25 years, as my wife's parents live in Arivaca. We were there for their 70th wedding anniversary in early August. The week before we arrived, their pastor happened upon a guy who had been killed at Arivaca Highway and Universal Ranch Road. It had apparently just happened, as the pastor was the first call to the sheriff. The driver was shot in the back of the head.

While we were there, our daughter was running in the morning and was attacked by four dogs. She sustained a number of puncture wounds and abrasions and is now taking rabies shots. The deputy who finally came out with animal control to capture the dogs told us that they had raided the trailer the dogs came from two weeks prior and took 4,000 pounds of marijuana out of it.

I am quoting your article in a letter to the president as well as Sen. John McCain and our Sen. (Norm) Coleman (R-Minn.), demanding that the federal government defend our Southwestern border.

Gerald F. Moran

Mexican Government Holds Blame for Border Problems

I have no problem with people wanting to come to this country. The United States has always been a place of freedom and opportunity in the view of many people. We have an immigration policy in place, and our country is still somewhat open to those who would wish to come here. But part of the problem is that the countries these "illegals" come from don't want them to begin with. There are too many mouths to feed, and there is too much money taken out of the hands of corrupt leaders.

How can Mexico, which claims to be a good neighbor, allow this traffic in humans to pass through its borders? Mexico is a pipeline, although not the only one, of people, corruption and violence. The Mexican government is a profit-making part of this scenario.

As long as there is money to be made, the issue will continue. Only when governments make it possible for people to make a living, feed their families and live without fear of death, will this problem begin to subside.

Vance Chandler

Banks' Article Was Dead On--That's Why We Avoid the Border

You asked for feedback ("Feedback Without Yelling," Editor's Note, Aug. 18). When I read "Images From the Battleground," I went to the library to get more copies, which I sent to my friends who live in other parts of our country.

I did this so they could understand more clearly why, when they visit, I no longer take them to the lovely, scenic and historic spots south of our city. I spent many years enjoying the unique pleasures of this area--Washington Camp, Naco--hiking, bird-watching, camping. Paradise lost. Greed conquers all.

It's very sad: Leo tells it exactly right.

Mary Schlentz

Downing Shows off Bigotry Against Gun Owners

Civil-rights lawyer Don B. Kates Jr. has a long and distinguished pedigree of defending the rights of the poor and disadvantaged, so I find it interesting that Mr. Kates in a 1994 speech began with:

"(T)he gun control debate is not really about criminology but rather about bigotry and the effort of an influence group to force its morality on everyone by having it adopted as state and federal law. To see this, it is necessary only to review some unfamiliar facts: The average gun owner is better educated and has a better job than non-owners; attitude surveys find gun owners neither racist nor sexist; liberals are only somewhat less likely than others to own firearms; liberals who do are no less willing to use them to defend their families; the only violence gun owners endorse is willingness to come to the aid of crime victims. Gun owners do not approve of police brutality, violence against dissenters, etc. Also, good Samaritans who actually come to the aid of crime victims are twice as likely to be gun owners as the general populace."

It would seem that Mr. Kates' characterization of bigotry is still spot-on, as evidenced by Renée Downing's Aug. 11 op-ed. To sum her up: Gun owners are all environment-raping, gas-guzzling-truck-driving, fat, ignorant, poor, frightened, racist rednecks.

It appears that, with some, the liberal values of inclusiveness, understanding and acceptance of people with "alternate lifestyles" ends abruptly when it comes to those who advocate protecting the right to bear arms. When confronted with those who wish to exercise that right, the bigotry boils to the surface, and it is ugly to see. God bless Renée Downing for showing us that it's still right there and hasn't gone away. It's why we fight for our rights, and why we're winning. Even liberal gun owners are appalled by it.

Kevin Baker

Danehy's 'Rudy' Column Provides an Argument for Home Schooling

I loved Danehy's column ("Aug. 18). I couldn't agree more. He, ever so eloquently, using soon-to-leave teacher Rudy's experience, made the case for home schooling better than I ever could. Thank you!

After reading that piece, how on Earth could you fault a family for wanting to try home schooling? If it is perfectly OK for a teacher to leave the public school system, why can't the kids? Must our children be taught to do well despite all the garbage that can go on in public school? How about the kids doing well at home, because they love to learn and are free from the completely unnecessary distractions that are too often commonplace in school? (Like, hey, how about that girl dressing like a slut ... not very conducive to studying, is it?)

Perhaps you will never agree, but I hope your own attention to the plight of one frustrated teacher (and, I am sure, many teachers) will make you more open-minded about the home-schooling choice. Rudy's unhappiness completely mirrors that of many caring parents. Why go down with the sinking ship? I say jump off, and charter your own (and better) course! Good luck, Rudy!

Jaimie Lindsay

Danehy's Correct: Parents Need to Do Better

Like Rudy, I, too, have known I wanted to be a teacher since middle school. I am currently getting my gen eds out of the way at Pima. I want to teach and love everything about it. But the "parent" aspect is something that I dread!

"Parent" is a completely misused term now. People don't put enough interest in their children's education and actions outside of the home. When they send their children to school, it is like they are sending them to day care and expect the staff to teach the kids what the parents should be teaching them. How hard is it to simply go over homework assignments with your children, just to ensure that they are learning correctly, or even at all? Step up to the plate! You brought the child into the world, and now, you need to take care of him/her.

School is a huge part of a kid's life, and not enough parents realize this, let alone care! Let's give our children the right to a great education by teaching them how to behave at home first, and by actually being a part of their lives, so that teachers don't have to be that missing parent.

For all those parents out there who are not spending enough time with their children: School is not daycare. Teachers are the people you should be working with, not against. Think about it: They spend five days a week with your child. How long do you spend with them?

Brooke Rozzo

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