Marquez-Peterson's Aunt Writes in Defense

The article on Lea Marquez-Peterson ("Running on Empty," Currents, June 16) cannot go unchallenged, but I will make my bias clear first: I'm her aunt and godmother. I have watched her grow from a brilliant young child to a determined, focused, civic-minded, brilliant young woman. We disagree on her political choices, but I admire her bravery in a mostly Democrat family. If she has made one mistake in her career, it is this: falling for the American dream, as so many thousands have done. Instead, she has learned the hard way that success is not always related to hard work, will power and brains, but much of it depends on forces beyond one's control, and sometimes, on luck.

Throughout the ordeal of watching her businesses fail, she never stopped trying; she didn't give up until there was nothing to do but declare bankruptcy. I wonder how many of your readers have ever declared bankruptcy or been close to it.

I am taken aback by the personal tone of this piece--"Running on Empty" ... indeed not. Lea is running on a full tank: She has kept her ethics, her morals, the love of her family and friends, the admiration of those who would have been crushed by a similar experience. I am appalled by the attitude of your writer in describing my niece as "a social climber." Since when is it being a social climber to want to succeed in one's community? Even more terrible is the invasion of her privacy in your pages, by listing her debts, her husband's salary, her rent, her Blackberry expenses, etc.

I am left wondering how much of this invasive attack is because she is a successful Hispanic businesswoman. I do mean successful. For we learn more from our mistakes, often, than from our "successes." By any standards, Lea is a success, and can now be a more thoughtful, compassionate businesswoman, because she has been through the fire and come out as good a person as she has ever been--yes, even "an expert."

TW has done her, and others who try, fail, and dust themselves off to try again, a great disservice. TW and Chris Limberis owe her, and other human beings who have gone through the same ordeal, an apology--they may even be readers of your newspaper.

Finally, to Chris Limberis I say: What goes around, comes around--watch your karma.

Eva Radford

Wilson Should Defer Job to Interim Coach

I am writing regarding a recent column by Tom Danehy (June 16). As a recent graduate of Cholla High Magnet School, I would like to just say that Barry Wilson should select a different school for coaching basketball. If Mr. Wilson were to become the basketball coach at Cholla, he will be disrespected, and inevitably, basketball players and future basketball players will boycott his program. The basketball players and parents are honored to have Matt Poirier as their coach. We should remind ourselves that it takes time to build up a successful high school sports program.

On numerous occasions, Coach Poirier has told me about his lofty plans that in the near future will enable Cholla to be dominant in basketball. If Mr. Wilson does not want to face humiliation, he should select a different school to coach basketball. I am fully aware that TUSD is trying its best to accommodate the ruling, but I believe Coach Poirier should be the permanent coach at Cholla, and Mr. Wilson should reconsider.

Miguel A. Cuevas
Former Cholla student body president

Goldwater's Taxpayer Rights Proposal Is Needed

Perhaps you can clear something up for me: When an article such as "Tax a Lot" (Currents, June 2) gets placed right next to another article which seems in complete opposition ("Choke Point," The Skinny), is this due to pure random chance, an editorial quirk or the fact that there's a multiple personality thing going on?

"Tax a Lot" provides a lot of good reasons why The Skinny article is all wet. A Taxpayer Bill of Rights is exactly what we need in this state, and the Goldwater Institute is right in proposing it. Some of us old-timers here are finding ourselves taxed out of the houses we've occupied for years, due to the increasing valuations caused by newcomers moving here and raising property values sky-high.

This is morally wrong. I'm being gentrified out of my own neighborhood where I grew up. The Arizona Constitution limits the annual increase in property valuation for taxation purposes to no more than 2 percent. This is simply ignored by our county assessor. Something has to happen to rein in the uncontrolled spending.

John Jensen

Secure Our Border and Stop the Hidden Agenda!

Has Renée Downing been asleep under a tree (Downing, June 16)? The Minutemen just had a tremendous success and almost completely stopped the "illegal invasion" of American job thieves, drug traffickers, foreign criminals and people with contagious diseases--for one month! People sat on the border with their walkie-talkies in one hand and their soda in the other and guarded their country's borders--doing the job that our politicians and our president refuse to do.

Nearby, American ranchers and just-plain-Americans living on the border kissed us and cried that they had not had one day of relief from the murders, threats, their dogs being strangled or poisoned, their land being defecated on, robbery, their water pipes ripped apart or emptied, their fences constantly broken and cut, rapes, fear for their families' lives, garbage slowly killing their cattle, etc.

Americans should not be living like this!

For the safety of our people, we must secure our borders. Let the Mexican brigade scream "racism" all they want--that is all they can come up with to further their hidden agenda of taking over. We need to protect "our" people and "our" nation, and to do this, we will have to oust traitors who care more for cheap labor than for the American people.

Laura Leighton

Let's Fix Mexico With Solar Power, Rapid Rail

In response to the people who write about their dissatisfaction with the situation on the border: It would be more effective if we all would lobby Congress, the secretary of state and the president to help Mexico improve its economy and increase its employment capability. The reason so many people try to cross the border to work here is that their only alternative is to stay where they are and starve to death.

We should adopt a more compassionate policy and find innovative ways to help to solve this problem at its source, which is Mexico's economy. There are many creative ways for our two countries to work together to accomplish this--one of which would be to implement solar-electric power stations along the border. Another would be to build a new, environmentally sustainable rapid-rail system through the Southwest and into Mexico.

Barbara Kausen

Century Tower Blurb Was Mean to McMahon

I didn't much like the flaming of the new Century Tower idea by Bob McMahon ("McMahon's Prime Whine," The Skinny, June 16).

Great cities are not made from being afraid of new ideas. Instead of naming a single reason why you think the Century Tower is a bad idea, you instead resorted to cheap mud slinging and character attacks against McMahon. Not very good journalism.

True or not, McMahon's reputation doesn't concern me. What concerns me is whether or not a great new addition to Tucson would be erected.

Cyrus Kirkpatrick

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