Those on the Left Are the Modern Puritans

I noted with skeptical hope your promise: "We'll make an effort to understand and reach out to people with differing viewpoints" ("Onward and Upward," Editor's Note, Nov. 11). Just how differing remains to be seen. I am one of the readers you'd probably consider "Republican and conservative," though my voter registration says Democrat. I'm more of a libertarian (small "l"). I consider the choice between the left/Democrats and the right/Republicans to be the difference between castration and a wedgie. Guess how I voted.

Yet, I'm college educated. I'm a professional engineer. I'm an atheist (agnostic, if you want to be precise). I'm in favor of gay rights--to a point. I'm in favor of abortion rights--to a point. I'm a pretty rabid proponent of the right to arms, though, and other rights of the individual. That's where I part company with the left--it seems to be the modern equivalent of the church. As one writer I read put it, "The thought occurs to me that politically, the Left is the modern Puritans--they want to live life their own way and make sure everyone else does, too." I agree with that thought.

I hope you do "fight for truth and justice," but I don't see it happening. No one in the print or electronic media seems interested in truth anymore, just in promoting their own agenda. At least the Weekly's bias is tattooed on its sleeve. And chest, back, and legs.

You wrote: "(M)any people who support equal rights for all and who dislike divisiveness were crushed by the election results. (This is not to say that all those who voted for Bush dislike equal rights and like divisiveness. A lot of good, intelligent people voted for Bush, as well as Proposition 200. But I don't understand how or why. Any insights are welcome.)"

Let me see if I can explain it somewhat. I've lived in Tucson since 1981. In the last 12 years, I've seen the political divide get more and more pronounced--and from my side of the aisle, it is the left that has gotten the most shrill and offensive. (Puritans, remember.)

If you really want some insight as to why your side lost (and lost big) I suggest you read something that was posted to the blogosphere on Nov. 5. It's called "How You Could Have Had My Vote." Perhaps it will generate some useful discussion, instead of the cognitive dissonance that seems to be the general reaction from the shell-shocked left.

Kevin Baker

Is This a Nice Way of Telling Liberals to Eat Themselves?

After Bush's victory, some Democrats have threatened to move to Canada. In fact, the numbers of visitors to Canada's official immigration Web site have dramatically increased since the election. While the upsurge of liberals contemplating a move is a positive development, I fear very few, if any, socialists will actually leave U.S. soil. Therefore, I offer a modest proposal that should proactively deal with America's disgruntled Democrats.

The Republican congressional majority should enact a new constitutional amendment where fiscally wise Americans forcefully deport all economically ignorant Americans (liberals, the Tucson Weekly staff, Democrats, Noam Chomsky, Green Party members, Norman Mailer, socialists and communists) to old Europe and Mexico. I chose to eliminate Canada as a destination, because adding more socialists to Canada would ruin our northern neighbor's economy, thus creating an unintended boomerang effect of undocumented liberals flooding back through our porous northern border.

And as old Europe becomes less economically competitive in proportion to its increasing numbers of socialists, Americans would not be forced to hear from Europe as it becomes self-absorbed with its own problems while regressing into a Third World economy. Then to mitigate the damage done by the Democrats deported south, Mexicans could reinstate their cultural practice of offering human sacrifices to their Aztec gods, thereby eliminating the excess burdensome liberals. Finally, the harvested socialist meat, less hearts, would be shipped to Europe, tariff-free, so as to lessen the impact of the Marxist induced famine. That would be a win-win solution.

Joseph R. Damron

Kerry Is Not Treasonous; Bush Is

In response to the letter by Mr. Kapfer ("A Veteran Dem Speaks Out Against 'Hanoi' Kerry," Mailbag, Nov. 4): Being allowed to express one's opinion is the hallmark of democracy, not treason. People like you are the people who voted for Bush, who believe that "You're either for us or against us." Let's face it: Vietnam was a crappy war, and the current mess is similar. What is treasonous is to kill tens of thousands of people (American and Iraqi) for spurious reasons. Maybe they will actually succeed in making it a crime to speak out against the government, and if he does, you and your kind are welcome to this country, as anyone who knows what freedom means will leave.

Vance Sanders

The Most Interesting Letter the 'Weekly' Has Gotten in MONTHS

In the extremely radical liberal/biased Tucson Weekly of Nov. 4, your "opinion" writer, Downing, suggests, "Post election food for thought: Why do all Republican women have hair that looks like THAT?" when truly, most don't.

"... Seas of blond, straw-like, ratted, puffy hair sprayed severely into place." Then further on: "She's wearing a wool suit in Nancy Reagan Red, accessorized with pearls and a wedding ring." (Do I sense a feeling of envy?) Your hit on "right-wing women" suggests your lack of support for stability!

You obviously ignore the blond, long, straight, stringy hairdos of today's women and the disheveled "just got out of bed" mops of men, or baldies by choice, so popular with the Hollywood types, as you chide Republican women.

From this natural silver-haired, past-70 conservative, I'm grateful the Lord has given me the knowledge that there is no celebrity with God. Old age pretty much takes care of temptation, too.

As with this past election, "you may think I'm a nut," being Republican "but I'm screwed on the right bolt" (sic, we think), and remember that "tough times don't last but tough people do."

It appears your "opinion" has become your idol!!

Obviously you don't notice the rose in the vase, just the dust on the table, when you throw the javelin rather that play the harp. It is good to remember also that birds are entangled by their feet, men by their tongues.

Every day, we are exposed for what we are.

Barbara DeNiro

What Happened to Danehy's bin Laden Prediction?

What ever happened to the surprise pre-election capture of bin Laden Tom Danehy was so confidently predicting this fall (July 22)? I guess the vast right-wing conspiracy needed to pull off such a feat (literally hundreds of people) never materialized.

Sorry, maybe the brainwashing machine you imagine GWB to have was broken that week.

Marc Berg

Where Did You Find These Vets?

I've just finished reading your piece, "History Repeating" (Nov. 11). I didn't know if I should be angry or laugh. Clearly, you're someone who has little or no knowledge of Vietnam and Special Ops. If you had, I'm quite sure you would have made an effort to find men who were a bit more credible.

Mr. Lunden's story is, quite simply, not believable. When he said, "What I'd done out there couldn't have been me," he wasn't kidding. It wasn't him! Your story is also interesting for another reason. It is an established statistic that a full 90 percent of Vietnam veterans are proud of their service, Yet all three of your veterans sound quite unhappy that they went to Vietnam. Is your group representative of the veteran community in Tucson? Or did you just happen to find a few guys to support your own political view?

Richard Montgomery

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