Bush for the Sake of Corporations, Anti-Science, God

The Tucson Weekly states "Bush Must Go" ("Tucson Weekly Endorsements 2004," Oct, 21). Do you realize what you are asking? I think you misunderestimate your statement.

President Bush must be re-elected! If not, who will look out for the welfare of our corporations? What will happen to Halliburton and Kellogg Brown and Root? And Kenny-boy Lay? A Kerry Administration may actually have a Justice Department that puts this fellow in prison.

If Bush is re-elected, science will continue to be ignored, as it should. With a president who encourages scientific progress, we may actually have stem-cell research on the same level we have developed vaccines and antibiotics. We cannot abide this! As a demonstration of support for President Bush and his anti-science stance, I urge all citizens to forego a flu shot as well as all future vaccines and antibiotics. And give a prayer of thanks that our government had the wisdom to outsource the manufacture of the flu vaccine. Surely the Bush Administration learned this wisdom from outsourcing 1.7 million jobs.

The re-election of President Bush will insure that god plays an active and significant role in government. With God in government, we will no longer have to tolerate evolution being taught to our children! Under President Bush, we can post the Ten Commandments in every public building and demand that all citizens unite in daily faith-based thanks that we live in a free country.

Patrick Bishop

A Veteran Dem Speaks Out Against 'Hanoi' Kerry

Just to set the record straight, I'm a registered Democrat. I feel that your endorsement of Kerry is a slap in the face of every Veteran who has served this great country. How soon you forget how "Hanoi" John Kerry turned his back on his country and his comrades. This man committed treason as it is written and got away with it as "Hanoi Jane" did.

If Massachusetts was not such a liberal state, John Kerry would be a disgraced shadow of the Vietnam War era. I served before him during the Cuban blockade and would go back tomorrow to serve my country and protect it from harm's way. Where are your patriotic feelings and mindset? Are you now proclaiming that you are anti-American? Let it be know also that this man has never missed a vote on every anti-gun issue in his 20 years in office and wants all ownership banned. Think about this and many other factors before pushing the button on Kerry.

William Kapfer Sr.

Question for 'TW' Staff: Has Life Gotten Rougher for You?

I never let a Thursday pass without picking up a Weekly. Your paper is refreshing.

As you stated, "If you have any strong opinions, one way or another, about our choices, let us know." Here it goes:

I read your support to vote for Sen. John Kerry as being nothing less than opinion. Where are the facts? Where is this BIG quagmire? I can't believe that you are saying that life has increasingly become rougher for you during the last four years. I find that hard to believe, unless you've managed to keep yourself planted firmly under Tucson Weekly wages. But whose fault is that?

Referencing "Our Picks" from the Editors' Note, you state, "... our reporters, who have talked to all of the candidates and who understand the issues." Tucson is very interested in hearing who on your staff interviewed Senator Kerry as well as President Bush! I imagine interviews of this sort may have spawned some sort of substance to base your anti-Bush opinion, correct?

Do you remember Sept. 11, or is Tucson really that far away from reality? I just moved to Tucson; my previous home was two miles from the Pentagon. I've been meaning to ask the people here what it was like watching the terror attacks on television! Maybe I should just ask your staff. What was it like? Did you say, "Boy, how are we going to get out of this quagmire?"

John Sokolowski

A Vote for Dupnik Is a Vote for Incompetence

Vote for Dupnik for Sheriff because he's not Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County? When the Tucson Weekly tosses out a red herring to glossily endorse a candidate, where are fair-minded voters to turn? I'm a registered Democrat fighting hard to elect Kerry, but even I recognize that the only conscionable vote for Pima County sheriff goes to Roland Youngling.

Voters should consider the following:

Dupnik is not the candidate of choice of the officers serving under him or statewide. Last month, the Northwest Explorer reported that 365 of the department's 458 commissioned officers issued a vote of "no confidence" in the sheriff, asking him to step down. The Tucson Police Officers Association, the Pima County Deputy Sheriff's Association and the statewide Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs all endorse Roland Youngling.

Dupnik considers himself above the law. In June 2001, when a TPD officer asked how he came to chase and detain his ex son-in-law, Dupnik replied, "I'm not here" (see TPD case No. 0106120825). This Jedi mind-trick must have worked for the PCSD officer filing a report of the same incident. Her report (PCSD case No. 010713251) makes no mention of the sheriff at all. Conveniently, it also doesn't mention that the sheriff's daughter was in the county car with him--another violation of Dupnik's own department policy.

Dupnik's select are also above the law. In 1992, the Arizona Daily Star reported that a captain and major on Dupnik's force were caught driving an unmarked force vehicle and stealing Dupnik's opponent's campaign signs. Their punishment: administrative leave.

Dupnik will certainly retire in this term, which means he will recommend a new sheriff to the Pima County Board of Supervisors. If history is any predictor, the board will politely nod and approve. If Dupnik is elected, voters won't choose his successor.

These are only a few of the issues--publicly reported and otherwise--that tarnish Dupnik's career. Dupnik is not the man who can lead PCSD to a stronger, more inspired, unified and effective law enforcement team. That man is Roland Youngling.

Eric Van Meter

Coulter Is Bizarre; Hannity Would Have Been Better

Ann Coulter gave an interview to the New York Observer in 2002 in which she said, "My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to The New York Times building" ("Coulter Clubbed," The Skinny, Oct. 21).

Coulter has made similar remarks that can only be described as bizarre in nature. Her remarks have even put her at odds with honorable Republicans.

Her apologists have said that she is only "joking" when she makes her incredible remarks. Tell that to the family of Baylee Almon, who was killed just one day after her first birthday in the Oklahoma City bombing. I bet they're still laughing.

Republicans have shown who they want to represent their local party. With Coulter and Joe Sweeney as representatives, they should be ashamed. Although I have never agreed with Sean Hannity, he would have been a better choice.

Andy Morales

A Word on South Carolina Pagan Attack

I was sent a link to a letter to the editor where an individual is claiming I failed to produce a corpse for my bird ("A 'Fundie' Speaks Out," Mailbag, Sept. 16 and "Pagan Predicament," Currents, Sept. 2). While this is gruesome, and it always makes me cry when I take them out, I do have copies of the police photos taken of my bird and its heart out of its body, if you would like them to verify the fact, that yes, indeed this did happen. I understand it is late in response, but I just learned of this and can prove what has been written is true.

Darla Kaye Wynne

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