In Defense of Walgreens

To the Editor,

Your "Get Out of Town" article (Dec. 18) complained about the fact that we now have 40-plus Walgreens stores in Tucson. We need to realize the enormous side benefit to all of us.

The Walgreenization of Tucson has greatly simplified giving people directions. For example: "Go east on Broadway Boulevard until you get to the third Walgreens. Turn right, and go to the second Walgreens on your left. Turn left, and my house will be one block behind the next Walgreens."

--Jerry Krueger

In Defense of Laurie Rufe

To the Editor,

I was dismayed when I found out about Joanne Stuhr's dismissal from the Tucson Museum of Art. Having worked with her over the years, Joanne was always professional, a pleasure to work with, a friend and a longtime supporter of my work.

I also worked with Laurie Rufe when she was the director of the Roswell Museum and Art Center, and I disagree with you that she should "Get Out of Town." When I had an exhibition there, Ms. Rufe and her staff were extremely professional. I found her to be direct, honest and competent.

In all other aspects, Ms. Rufe appears to be capably running the TMA. She has been working to get the museum in shape for accreditation from the American Association of Museums. She worked with staff to develop job descriptions, an employee manual, an ethics policy and other actions necessary for an institution like the TMA.

Think twice about the consequences of running Laurie Rufe out of town. For one thing, it will not bring Joanne Stuhr back to the museum. Another curator has already been hired. If Ms. Rufe were to be forced to leave early, the museum would be in a damaged and chaotic state.

Instead of urging Laurie Rufe to leave, I suggest we let her do her job.

--Jim Waid

In Defense of Krispy Kreme

To the Editor,

I agreed with most of the entities that should "Get Out of Town," but was surprised to see Krispy Kreme listed. Perhaps a bitter tongue-in-cheek selection was needed to fill out the article.

I don't think the author understands we are talking about a DOUGHNUT here. It is supposed to be a sweet bomb.

Most of Connie Tuttle's comments are on the Krispy Kreme decor. Her doughnut phobia colors her misperception of the paint scheme, turning everything beige. It looks green to me.

It is not often, but when I do eat a doughnut, I'll get one from "this sorry excuse for a doughnut purveyor." I'll bet most other Tucsonans agree: The best creators of this insipid, fattening fare will stay.

--Garrett Allen

Thanks for Reading, Mr. Kinde!

To the Editor,

I would like to know who you think you are, telling all those upstanding people and businesses to get out of town.

You run a newspaper for weird oddballs and scum of the Earth. Most of your ads really show it. If communism was still in, you would be socialist. You are the scum of the trash. You get out of town. Get out of the world.

--Jim Kinde

People Who Help Illegals Hurt Citizens

To the Editor,

It hard for me to understand why the Tucson Weekly ("Local Heroes," Dec. 25) is depicting people who condone the breaking of United States laws and sue property owners for protecting their homes as heroes. Why not idolize people who promote easy open windows to ensure a burglar's safety or lobby for push-button-start cars to prevent thieves from getting shocked? While you're at it, how about idolizing people who sue victims of attempted rape or murder, because they deprived some scumbag of one of his inalienable rights?

These heroes may think that illegal immigration is a victimless crime, but they might want to take a ride over to their nearest school and talk with the underpaid teachers who have class sizes of more than 30 kids, many of whom don't speak English. Discuss what the school budgets are like; you don't pay taxes when salaries are paid under the table. They might also sit down and count how many trauma centers are left in Tucson. The burden illegals have put on our hospitals have put all Tucsonans' lives in jeopardy.

When will it get to such an extreme that schools will have to turn away students, or a patient dies before they can make it to the nearest trauma center? Maybe I shouldn't worry about these things. After all, our heroes will save us.

--Paul Cragle

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