TUSD Prez' Actions Made Sense

To the Editor,

Why would you criticize TUSDs Board President Joel Ireland for announcing a long-sought "guaranteed" relationship with Tanque Verde's 500 high school students who now attend TUSD? ("Tanque Verde Hi Jinx," Nov. 6).

The fact that he announced this plan a few days before the election simply helped assure that we would continue to have long-term access to Sabino and be able to play a meaningful role in policies that impact our students.

Cooperation between two school districts is to be applauded and encouraged. Ireland did the right thing to come forward, and we hope the entire TUSD Board will see the wisdom of a strong cooperative relationship going forward.

--Steven E. Permut

Our Desert Keeps Slipping Away

To the Editor,

We are grateful to Jim Nintzel for his Sept. 18 article, "Unsightly Growth," alerting us to this alarming possibility of more development in the Tucson Mountains.

Everyone driving past Painted Hills Road toward Gates Pass on West Speedway Boulevard passes by beautiful steep desert hills covered with saguaro, jojoba, palo verde and many types of cacti. This special piece of desert contains a large wash and wildlife corridor that continues south to Anklam Road. Imagine this gateway to the Tucson Mountains and Desert Museum covered with houses and a road over the hill from Speedway to Anklam.

We believe many Tucsonans would be shocked to know that 186 acres between West Speedway and Anklam--from approximately the western end of the Star Pass Development on the east to the ridge where Anklam joins Speedway on the west--is planned for the development of one house per acre.

We urge everyone who opposes the construction of homes and destruction of this pristine desert habitat to write to the Pima County Board of Supervisors and request that they prevent homebuilding in this area.

--Bill Risner and Susan Adler

Calling Dale a 'Shill' Was Wrong

To the Editor,

First of all, I think that Stephen Seigel and his Soundbites column do a difficult job pretty well. However, I can't let his reference to Dick Dale as a "shill for Nissan" go unchallenged ("Welcome to My Nightmare," Oct. 30). I found it misguided and offensive.

Dick Dale is a surviving inventor/pioneer of a unique guitar style and form of music that's still fresh and vital today. Out of all the guitarists and other musicians who come and go, how many have really invented something lasting and so influential?

Dick Dale is 66 years old and has an 11-year-old son. He probably made as much money from that Nissan ad as he made during his entire prior career.

So he comes to Tucson, and there's a small-town music critic calling him a shill. Britney Spears and Michael Jackson are shills. Dick Dale isn't a shill, and we're lucky to have had him show enough fortitude to hang in there long enough to be able to collect some long overdue compensation and recognition.

By the way, his Rialto show was excellent--definitely not just going through the motions for a paycheck.

--Scott Windle

Letter Writer Needs Sympathy for Less Fortunate

To the Editor,

I normally would not consider writing a response to a response in The Weekly, but the sheer stupidity of what I have just read has forced my hand.

It is my experience that anyone who would use the phrase "lazy-assed bums who do nothing but beg, borrow, and steal," as letter to the editor writer C.R. Breidenfeld does ("Those Homeless Folks? Just Lazy Beggars," Oct. 23) would have never, at any point in their lives, offered a drive, a hamburger or the use of a shower to a member of the homeless community, as Breidenfeld claims to have done.

Breidenfeld wants us to believe that he/she had once tried to help, and failed, so he/she can feel better about spreading the word not to help at all. He, and they, like to slip into a false persona, a mysterious otherworld ruled by neoconservative physics, to justify comments and beliefs they have trouble justifying under normal, earthly, circumstances.

Moreover, one would think that an individual with the suffix "feld" attached to the end of his/her name would be more thoughtful that to suggest that Tucson "start busing these bums out of town," at least until he/she has had the opportunity to read up on a loathsome guy named Eichmann, who was ordered to make the "busing out of town" of certain "undesirables" into a twisted art form.

--Ian Rees

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