Thanks for the Kindness

To the Editor,

I wanted to thank all the staff members who voted me Best Artist in the Tucson Weekly's Best of Tucson (Sept. 25).

My special thanks to Jimmy Boegle and Margaret Regan for their support of my work. Margaret Regan has noticed my exhibits over the years and written eloquently of my sculptural installations. Thanks!

--Michael Cajero

Political Parties Should Restrict Choices!

To the Editor,

In his defense of Kimberly Swanson ("Libertarians: Can't We All Just Get Along?" Mailbag Oct. 2), Dan Starr Dougherty endorses the plan to gradually implement Libertarian principles of "less government and more personal responsibility." But the Libertarians do not need to address the speed of their lackluster political achievements; they should address instead their sketchy union of ideas on freedom and responsibility.

Responsibility is loaded ultimately upon those who are responsible: those who are willing and capable of taking care of themselves and their children. But the Libertarian Party endorses "free" alternative lifestyle choices that are irresponsible and incapable of supporting themselves.

The Libertarian Party seems wacky to most people because most people (besides Libertarian Party members) can sense what might not be put into words: these so-called libertarian principles might work in a Jewish, Catholic or Mormon Fundamentalist community, where social norms are strong enough to enforce responsible behavior. But the free lifestyles the Libertarian Party sanctions just don't fly with the responsibility they imagine.

--Dewaine McBride

Arizona's Tolerant; Danehy Isn't

To the Editor,

Regarding Tom Danehy's opinion ("Honorable Mention," Oct. 2) that moving high school football games to a Thursday night from a Friday night due to the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah is nothing more than "political correctness taken to stupid extremes": Danehy says such actions "inconvenienced thousands of people around the state in ways great and small" and "teams have been playing football games on Rosh Hashanah for more than a century without anyone complaining."

My wife and I moved to Tucson more than 29 years ago from the East. In many other parts of our country, school districts were thoughtful and respectful of the major Jewish holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and closed schools. Those districts that did not close schools at least did not schedule critical educational activities or athletic events on these days. Of late, with Phoenix and Tucson's school districts becoming more sensitive and thoughtful of other people's major religious holidays, we are so proud Arizona is finally joining the ranks of tolerant society.

From his article, it is clear Danehy is trying to hide behind "political correctness" word games instead of recognizing his own ignorance and admitting we live in a diverse and pluralistic society. But, I suppose, Danehy can't be blamed. He must have been living in a cave for several decades. Apparently, he doesn't understand diverse, tolerant and pluralistic concepts.

--Mark and Cindy Brauner

Putting the Smack Down on Tom and Janet

To the Editor,

I am responding, to a certain writer by the name of Tom Danehy ("Zero Tolerance," Sept. 18). I am the "idiot" who is recalling the corrupt and, by her own actions, criminal governor of this state. It is bigger than one person; it involves the entire state. What Danehy further doesn't understand is that my party has nothing to do with this recall. This recall is about Arizona alone; it is a nonpartisan action.

Arizona, contrary to Danehy's opinion, is still a conservative state. We have a liberal governor who has no regard for the law or the state constitution. She has violated both and seems to think she can get away with it--not in my state, she can't.

If Danehy wants to talk about which flag is racist, the American flag has more innocent blood and racism on it than the Confederate flag ever could. It was under the American flag that slaves were brought over. It was under the American flag that unruly slaves were thrown over board off these ships, to be eaten by sharks or drowned.

It will be under the Third National Confederate flag that the Ten Commandments will be protected in Arizona.

The Civil War was no more fought over slavery than the American Revolution was. The Civil War was fought because the federal government sought to impose its will upon the Southern states with military force.

One other thing: I will come by with my petitions. I will bring my mother and you can talk to her about what you think about her, if you have the guts.

--Charles Goodson
Chairman, Southern Parties of the Southwest

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