'The Weekly' Sucks! Kill It!

To the Editor,

I have to agree with Adam Wallin ("Look! Even More Fan Mail!" Letters, July 17) that the restaurant reviews have reached a new low under Jimmy Boegle. You need to get someone who knows about food and can write about it in a manner that the reader will know what the flavors and nuances were.

Also, while on the subject of meaningless, what is with this Police Dispatch column? Why is it even printed? Is it because you couldn't sell enough sleazy ads or you can't find enough gossip? It looks like you are copying the fluff from the Daily Star by printing that worthless column.

The Tucson Weekly used to be a somewhat acceptable alternative newspaper, but it has become the Tucson Weakly of late. You need to look to real alternatives like the San Francisco Bay Guardian or Phoenix New Times for your role models. And get a real restaurant critic at the same time!

--Roger Carrillo

The Weekly Rules! Adore It!

To the Editor,

Just a brief word of thanks for continuing to make the Tucson Weekly the most thoughtful and provocative print media in Tucson. You have expertly grabbed the reins from the former editor and are off and running in a strong position (no, I didn't see Seabiscuit over the weekend; these are just the phrases that popped into my brain).

I am a long-time admirer of the writing of Gene Armstrong and I was very pleased to see his article on Rob Brown ("Sax Fiend," Music July 24). Please keep him writing on the music scene; he also writes a mean movie review, as you probably know.

Thanks to you both, and to all of the others on your staff who consistently write articles that challenge our thinking, particularly concerning the local political scene.

--Shirley Snow

Downtown Sucks! Blame Growth!

To the Editor,

In regards to "Getting Back to Basics" (July 31), Downtown Tucson will continue to be the dud it's been for the last 30-plus years until Tucson changes its out-of-control growth policies.

Every time there's another grocery store, strip mall or crapo housing development added to the greater Tucson area, it's one more nail in the coffin of any real change to downtown development. Having lived outside of Tucson for more than 10-plus years in Growth Control Central (Boulder, Colo.), it shocks me every time I visit Tucson how the city's center and main corridors have been allowed to deteriorate while the city's perimeters continue to expand.

At some point, it seems sensible to just say "no" to the ever-expanding city limits and pull in the reins of Pima County's uncontrolled growth. While there are detriments to this (increased housing prices), with the population density so low in the Old Pueblo, there's no reason why the City Council and Board of Supervisors shouldn't grow a spine and say "enough is enough" to the developers.

The developers will always cry when someone says "no" to build in untouched areas. But why not offer those developers incentives to build lofts, entertainment and business projects downtown? Before you know it, they'll be racing to replenish the city's center to its former glory, as happened in Denver's Lodo district and the downtowns of Cleveland, San Antonio and San Diego). Once the developers see it as a boon rather than a boondoggle, they'll jump on board quicker than a roadrunner on fire.

--Brad K. Evans

Downtown Rules! Support It!

To the Editor,

Chris Limberis' scathing article, "Getting Back to Basics" has only cemented the notion that the Tucson Weekly moved its soul to the eastside when it moved its offices. It is a shame that the main angle of the story perpetuates an already globalized ignorance of Tucson's downtown.

Jimmy Boegle's note ("Downtown Dilemma") states that there "can be too much support" for developing downtown and that "we should all be watching." I find this extremely laughable. I am wondering if little Jimmy is actually just the summer high school intern.

--David Ziegler-Voll

For the record,The Weekly's offices are located at 3280 E. Hemisphere Loop, near Palo Verde and Valencia roads. Last we checked, that's considered the southside, which is as much a part of Tucson as any other area.

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