On the Good Ship Lollipop

To the Editor,

I voted for the May 1997 bond to protect open space in Pima County, and I am pleased with the county's land purchases to date ("Land Barons," December 5). Reporter Chris Limberis tries to build a case for voter concern about how the bond money has been spent, but his evidence is as weak as a Shirley Temple.

The county offered voters an outline for open space acquisition; however, due to such factors as land appraisals, landowners' sale prices, the willingness of owners to sell, etc., acquisitions cannot be expected to mirror exactly the initial outline.

Limberis' mention that just 17.6 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot proves nothing. That most residents did not make the personal effort to vote does not negate the outcome of the ballot.

That Chuck Huckleberry at one time was a road builder is not germane. What is germane is whether the Tucson Weekly will muster the editorial willpower to support the farsighted efforts Pima County is making to protect open space and wildlife habitat that will make it a desirable and delightful place to live for residents for many decades hence. As a satisfied voter, my question to Limberis is, "What's your point?"

--Debbie Collazo

The Right Man for the Job

To the Editor,

Tom Danehy, we love your articles. Don't ever go away. We need you for the next 20 years. Your brilliant commentary (yeah, right) "Under The Elephant" (December 12) and all your past political diatribes have helped the Republicans gain control of all three branches of government.

For a man with all your higher education--it really hasn't transferred into something significant for society (well, except for convincing liberals of what idiots they have been).

Let's look at your life as an example to liberals. You have a college degree in nuclear science. You're gainfully unemployed. You're Mr. Mom while your wife is the breadwinner. Your vocabulary exemplifies your IQ when you use words like "dickheads,","bitch" "drunk-ass" and "that sucks" (do you speak that way in front of your kids?), to name only a few. Tom, you make a fool of yourself in your articles (and on the radio).

Yes Tom, you're the best thing that has happened to the Republican Party here in the Old Pueblo.

--Roland Molina

Typing in Stereo

To the Editor,

As the only TW columnist of Italian descent (well, actually, I'm of Sicilian descent, which my Italian friends tell me is to Italian descent what dog poop is to cream cheese) I'd like to point out that Nick del Vecchio's criticism of James Reel's use of the word "guinea" is somewhat unfair (Mailbag, December 19). If Mr. (or perhaps Signore) del Vecchio had simply read the piece a bit more closely he would have noted that Reel was talking about the use of stereotypes in DiPietro's play. Thus, the term "guinea" was not meant as a smear on Italians, but on DiPietro's portrayal of Italians.

I should also note that, as an Italian (or Sicilian, whatever), I prefer the terms "dago," "wop" and "greaseball," but that's just me.

--James DiGiovanna

Rocking the Boat

To the Editor,

I am Hispanic, I came to the U.S. as a legal immigrant, I have been a U.S. citizen for many years and I am against illegal immigration.

I support the volunteer groups of American citizens who are mainly guarding private property. Mr. (Glenn) Spencer's organization and others receive donations from all over the U.S. from concerned citizens. It is a disgrace that Americans have to enforce the law themselves. We are becoming a lawless nation!

In his article (("Crossing the Line," December 19) Leo Banks did not mention our Border Patrol officers being shot at by the Mexican Army while soldiers clear the way for Mexican drug smugglers.

If Congress launches an investigation, it should be directed to those elected officials and law enforcement chiefs who are obviously making money from drug smugglers. There is no other explanation for the lack of law enforcement by our borders. These individuals who are making money from this situation want the status quo to continue. The volunteers, whom they call vigilantes, are simply rocking their lucrative boat!

--Haydee Pavia
Laguna Woods, Calif.

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