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To the Editor,

Re: The Skinny, July 18,"suicide campaign?" I don't think so! Democrats are fortunate to have plucky Mary Judge Ryan challenge the complacent incumbent Republican (pardon the redundancy). Mary's background in education, her knowledge of the law, her passion for fairness and her boundless energy are qualities she'll take to Washington. Her campaign slogan is "we can do better"--and you know what? She will!

--Emily Hilliard

We Could Do Without Danehy

To the Editor,

A few things we'd be better off without:

People like Tom Danehy, who think they are journalists and write their articles full of misinformation, by reading other newspaper articles ("Going, Going, Gone," August 1). You get paid to do this?

The facts aren't sexy or filled with flagrant emotionally charged language. The people who are opposed to the Tanque Verde High School at Catalina Highway and Snyder Road are not a bunch of whiners. It appears they hold the safety of students, community process and several aspects of Tucson's uniqueness to be more valuable than the high and mighty Tom Danehy.

The Tanque Verde Coalition is for kids and for a high school. Among other things, days have been spent researching potential sites that fit the criteria written by the Tanque Verde school board for the Site Selection Committee, criteria which incidentally were ignored by the School Board. To date approximately 13 new sites have been located.

I am available to write accurate newspaper articles for the Tucson Weekly. As a former reference librarian I am particular about facts. Tom should try interviewing people for his articles rather than regurgitating others' work.

--Carolyn Moser

Free to Not Vote Libertarian

To the Editor:

I was amazed and saddened by Joe Duarte's letter (August 1) regarding SunTran. I now know not to vote Libertarian ever again. I suppose I should be excused from my property taxes just because I have no children?

I am over 50 and have never had a driver's license. I failed driver's ed in high school (after nearly killing myself and the instructor.) I hated driving. I developed epilepsy and then a taste for alcohol. I decided that the world would be a much safer place if I did not drive.

I have been unemployed for three years and I attend Pima College West. When I graduate I expect to find a well-paying job. If Mr. Duarte had his way I would be forced to drop out and look for a minimum wage job in my neighborhood. Tucson would lose considerable tax revenues from me over the years as a result and my life would suck.

And before you get off on the bicycle idea, it's a long ride in the summer to West Campus from Orange Grove and Oracle. I smoke. I have very light skin and must avoid the sun. I attempted to negotiate rush-hour traffic about 20 years ago in the company of a friend. He urged me to abandon any idea of getting a bicycle.

There are thousands of us in this town whose lives would be ruined if SunTran disappeared. (I'd have to move to another city.)

--Steve Lohr

Kid-loving Republicans

To the Editor,

Phillip Shelley's letter (August 8) was right on the mark in his defense of Rep. Peter Hershberger. However, I would like to add that The Skinny was equally off base (August 1) in its criticism of Hershberger's colleague, Rep. Steve Huffman. Both Pete and Steve have been endorsed by numerous educators and our professional associations because, unlike their Maricopa County brethren, they truly support public education and other issues that are vital to the well-being of children in Arizona.

I met both of these gentlemen when I was a GOP precinct committeeman, but I left the party two years ago because I could no longer reconcile my status as an educator with my party affiliation. So many Republicans in both Phoenix and Washington were doing everything they could to run down teachers and trash public schools, while also touting nonsensical, elitist schemes like vouchers, that I could no longer hold my head up when I talked to my peers about being a Republican. Suffice to say that I would feel more welcome in the party if there were more leaders like Hershberger and Huffman who understand the importance of investing in our kids.

Huffman and Hershberger have upheld the tradition of Pima County Republicans who serve as a check on the reactionary Maricopa County leadership. You would think that the staff at The Weekly, astute political observers that you are, would recognize this fact. As an educator, I would be delighted to have more Hershbergers and Huffmans so that Arizona can one day no longer compete with the Deep South as the worst place in this country to be a child.

--Rex Scott

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