Getting the Boot

To the Editor,

While it is probably very true that I need on-the-job training in my role as Democratic Party Chair, the quote you cite in the Arizona Daily Star is inaccurate ("Open Mouth, Insert Foot," The Skinny, June 14).

I never said anything about Rep. Pastor in my comments to the reporter. What I said was that the first draft of the federal redistricting looked favorable to Pima County because it appeared that the bulk of the votes for that district would have to come from Pima County, thus giving its residents more voice in the selection of that congressional seat.

The Star reporter somehow extrapolated from that comment that I meant it would be good for the county to not have Pastor representing Southern Arizona. So, although there may be a foot in my mouth, I certainly didn't put it there in this instance. At least, I'll try to be sure to keep my feet clean.

--Dave Bradley
Pima County Democratic Party Chair

Out on a Phantom Limb

To the Editor,

The music scene in Tucson has never been known for anything but being either the toughest to please in the country or the most unsupported local music scene anywhere to be found. The Tucson Weekly is the only high-visibility paper around that attempts to promote and cover our local music scene. But I must say I am quite embarrassed by what has been published lately.

First of all, most of the bands that get support by your magazine are so out of touch with what is going on these days that they will never do much of anything. Desert Rock? What is that? I think it is a term someone made up for Tucson bands with a bland sound to make them appear more interesting. You know what bands I am talking about. You write about them every week.

Interviewing go-nowhere nonexistent bands? Oh, the icing on the cake was when I read an interview last week (Musician's Network, June 14) about a band that does not even exist, never made a CD when it did, and never did much of anything at all. That's just wrong.

I have a few suggestions that may help: Get someone in there who is connected to the scene, visit clubs, hang out with bands, get a feel for what is going on around here for real. Write articles and interview bands that are good and are going somewhere. Just a little effort in that direction and your paper will be much more respected by the local musicians and fans you are trying to support. Why not go after the signed bands, too? They have a lot to teach.

The answer is always right under your nose. I think if you look at who is on your staff now, you will find that person.

--Gordon Hayes

Caribbean Content

To the Editor,

Being a big fan of your publication I thought it would be neighborly to advise your restaurant critic that yuca is not an indigenous root vegetable of Peru; more accurately it's indigenous to the Caribbean, e.g. Cuba, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo. So in Diza Sauers' spin on what is "true and authentic" ("True Peru," June 14) I strongly suggest she do a little homework so as to not offend us Caribbean Hispanics who truly know where yuca originates.

One more fact from my Caribbean background: Platanos fritos/golden plantains also are not a staple or have anything to do with any Peruvian cuisine; surely one can find a Japanese restaurant in True Peru, but that doesn't make sushi indigenous to Peru.

--Jose Ramon A.

Catty Remarks

To the Editor,

I am shocked and disappointed that your publication could reach the depths of advocating cruelty to animals, specifically against cats. Max Cannon's "comic" strip Red Meat (June 21) is pointless in its message, and the only people who would find it funny are those dimwitted enough to think assaulting a helpless animal is acceptable behavior. I realize my letter to you will likely be ignored, but please be certain that this will come to the attention of various animal rights groups, many of your major advertisers and our local politicians who, as you nicely remind us, will soon be in re-election mode.

I would like you to do the right thing and make a comment in Newsreel addressing the issue of cruelty to animals and that you do not endorse Max Cannon's personal view toward cats. I'm certain the Hermitage no-kill cat shelter and others will be interested in reading what you have to say.

--Will Rivera

Editor's note: Without invoking the Church of the SubGenius mantra "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke," it must be observed that Red Meat can be taken seriously only at extreme peril. The strip regularly "advocates" not only cruelty to animals but also lynching, child abuse, drunkenness, deviancy of every variety and public nudity, only the last of which is officially endorsed by the Tucson Weekly.

Aboud Face

To the Editor,

Regarding Jim Nintzel's article about Ward 3 City Council candidates ("Open Season," June 21), it is my pleasure to share who my supporters are.

Here and now, these are the names of the individuals who are publicly supporting my candidacy wholeheartedly. Former mayor George Miller and former mayoral candidate Molly McKasson have sent out separate mailings in personal support of my campaign to succeed Jerry Anderson as Ward 3 City Councilmember. As you may recall, George Miller was the Ward 3 Councilmember before becoming mayor.

In addition, Dr. Ken Smith, the president of the Amphi school board, is an endorser, as are the presidents or chairs of nearly every participating neighborhood association in the Ward 3 Neighbors Coalition, including Mike Hayes from Campbell/Grant, Joseph LaMantia from Grant Road, Judi Stern from Mountain/First Avenue, Jay Tate from Grant/Glenn, Lew Evilsizor from North Dodge, Raymond McDaniel from Oak/Flower, Richard Higginbotham from Northwest Center, Michael Ray from Limberlost and Richard Carter from Hedrick Acres, to name a few.

Thank you to the Weekly for your continuing good coverage of the City Council races, which are so very important this year. The dollars will be pouring in from the county and from around the state to support Republican candidates' chances to take over Tucson's City Council. That one fact makes this year's race particularly crucial for people who care about Tucson's future.

Who gets to decide what vision will be created for Tucson is you, the voters, through your City Council choice. So please go change your registration if you have moved recently and then vote on September 11 in the primaries and vote again on November 7. No time to let another George Bush takeover happen in our town!

--Paula Aboud