Beautiful Disaster

To the Editor,

This letter is in response to the Soundbites column (November 9). As Mark Twain once so aptly declared, "The reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated."

First, we at Club Congress wish to congratulate both Che's Lounge and Plush on their openings, and wish them success in the future. We have always been supporters of live music in Tucson, and welcome additional venues to showcase local and national acts. Club Congress is committed to remaining the standard by which all live music venues in Tucson are measured.

For the record, Congress is not in "disarray." Or, depending on your point of view, Congress has always been in disarray, and that's why we're who we are and why we're the best at what we do. We like to think of ourselves as a beautiful disaster.

The "big shakeup at Club Congress" (again, greatly exaggerated) is a testament to the Club's commitment to remaining viable in the Tucson live music scene, and to remaining the cornerstone of the downtown live music scene. We agree with Stephen Seigel's mantra "change is good." One aspect that will not change, however, is Club Congress' commitment to hosting the finest in live entertainment, in the finest live music venue in town.

--Natalie Storie
General Manager

Don't Have A Cow

To the Editor,

Thanks for pointing out the irony of the Forest Service charging fees to taxpayers to use our wild country while the same taxpayers unwittingly subsidize ranchers to destroy it with cows (Skinny, November 9).

A National Forest Service study cites cattle grazing as the No. 1 reason in the Southwest for species being federally listed under the Endangered Species Act. Not surprisingly, out of 155 national forests, our own Coronado National Forest ranks fifth in species listed.

Ranchers pay less per month per cow ($1.35) than it takes to raise a gerbil. Meanwhile, the Coronado is a forest of diversity dying.

The cows gotta go from the Coronado.

--Tim Lengerich

Green Spleen

To the Editor,

Tom Danehy's "Feeling Bushed" (November 9) seems to amplify the total loss of identity in the two major parties. I am a hard-won Nader supporter for many reasons, not the least of which is that Nader is someone who does not insult my intelligence or engage my cynicism, is someone I learn from often, speaks to the root causes of the issues and presents possible solutions, has been working harder on changing things for the better longer than most of his supporters have been alive, is honest, fierce, compassionate and willing to mount a campaign with goals further than one election away.

These are the marks of an authentic leader, a responsible human being and someone truly deserving of our votes. You cannot say any of those things about Bush or Gore without extensive footnoting and occasional gagging. We Greens reject what passes for representation from Bush and Gore, and are very, very tired of hearing the pathetic sour grapes about Nader taking votes from Gore. I for one choose where my vote goes, and while that riles those in support of the gradual erosion of our democracy (consciously or not), the appropriate response from you should be one of humility toward those willing to face their fear of a Bush planet, and follow their votes with actions.

The Democrats used to stand for something meaningful, even a few short years ago. Now their platform is as empty as their rhetoric. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. There's work to be done.

--Tony Novelli

To the Editor,

Although it's tempting to engage in ad hominem attack and call Tom Danehy the ignorant dick that he is, I'll take the high ground and refrain from doing so. Oops, too late. Anyway, I'm not so sure he fits into the "hominem" category.

While I do not feel that the Green Party is above reproach, Danehy's loopy, incoherent criticism of November 9 made him sound like the Mr. Blackwell of political commentary. Strange references to Nader being gay (and the Devil!?) and the Greens looking like the Village People speak volumes about the depth of his insights. And if he thinks the Greens' only discernible platform was "Let's Dick Al Gore," his powers of discerning must be seriously impaired. Too many basketballs to the head or something.

If Danehy took the time to look closer, he'd see a party that is eminently oriented toward the erstwhile concerns of Democrats, only without the taint of dirty money and the cowardice of easy compromise. The Green Party consists of people who actually want positive change and not merely the self-aggrandizement and fiscal rewards of big-party politics.

I assure you, Mr. Danehy, that you could learn a great deal from actually researching the Green platform. I know your column is more about your nutty adventures coaching ninth-grade girls and what your kids ate for supper, but please refrain from shallow, misinformed castigations of things you know nothing about. In other words, stop writing. You'd be doing Tucson a huge favor.

Oh, and the only person responsible for dicking Al Gore was Al Gore. An incumbent VP with what we are told is a strong economy and a puppethead ballsniffer opponent should have been a lock to win; Gore dropped the ball (simple jock cliché used in deference to you, Tom).

-Curtis McCrary

Good Sport

To the Editor,

I cannot believe that Tom Danehy can actually joke about what happened to his coaching career ("Pyrrhic Victories," November 2). I'm absolutely outraged at what they did to him and I used to have to coach against him. He is one of those truly rare individuals who have the ability to get kids to achieve things they probably never thought possible.

My favorite Tom story: Last year at Salpointe, his team held a slim lead. You could hear him exhorting his players to work harder, but then suddenly he quieted down. I looked over and seated next to him was a kid with notebook and textbook open. It was an Amphi JV kid and Tom was showing her how to do a calculus problem while the game went on.

The kid was having trouble understanding, so Tom called time out! He told his players to get a drink and rest, and then he used the time-out to show the JV kid how to do the math problem. When the game was over (his team won), he went up into the stands and conducted impromptu tutoring sessions for his freshman players and some varsity kids, as well. He even helped a couple of my players with their homework.

I hope to get back into coaching next year and Tom knows he has a standing offer to coach with me anytime he wants. He's a treasure and if he's not coaching somewhere next year, shame on Tucson.

--Arlene Locklin

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