To the Editor,

In the November 2 issue, Donna Stephenson took umbrage with a review I wrote ("Viagra Years," October 19), noting that I used the offensive phrase "pussy hound" in describing Mr. Richard Gere. Indeed, Ms. Stephenson is correct; it was an error on my part to use those terms. What I should have said was "reputed gerbiller." I regret the error.

--James DiGiovanna

Stoffle's Stifle

To the Editor,

I am writing to commend Margaret Regan on her brave attempt at hacking through the bureaucratic labyrinth of the UA library system in "Photo Finish" (October 26).

Attempting to explain Carla Stoffle's non-existent leadership and misguided managerial practices to the average Weekly reader is a daunting task, indeed. Really, one must actually work under her dictatorial thumb to understand just how far-reaching the deceit and abuse of power actually are.

I am a former employee who suffered under the oppressive insanity of Stoffle's UA library and I--along with a large number of other former and current employees--could tell you unending surreal stories about Stoffle and the mind-numbing, time-wasting methodology of Total Quality Management. Stoffle's self-serving control of the Center for Creative Photography is but a small portion of her many harsh authoritarian actions.

My only hope is that you'll do a cover article on the UA library itself as a means to further comprehend why the CCP is sadly caught in the claws of Stoffle and her Napoleon-like domination of the UA academic world.

--Peter Catalonotte

Church State

To the Editor,

After reading Tom Danehy's "Mass Confusion" (October 19), as a former Catholic and as a woman I would like to offer a hint why things in church are not the same anymore and slowly keep falling apart.

My experience as a girl in a Catholic environment was very different from Danehy's, and not good and comforting at all. I always had to deal with sexual repression, double standards for boys and girls, hypocrisy and witch-hunting. It completely turned me off.

But Danehy is right: The people whose behavior he criticizes should stop pretending and openly challenge those clericals, who completely lost touch with reality and never were in touch with the female point of view in the first place.

By the way, even if it is hard for you guys to comprehend: God is female as well as male.

--G.Y. Rad

Blunder Years

To the Editor,

I am saddened but not surprised by the number of Nader supporters who wrote in to chastise Susan Zakin for her sensible advice to vote for Gore rather than Nader ("Party Animal," October 19). Perhaps they share the desire of Nader, as quoted in the New York Times op-ed pages, to have Bush elected. According to Nader, this would "spur people to a new level of activism."

It's lovely to think that while Nader's supporters will be able to don their gas masks more frequently to protest whatever latest outrage Bush perpetrates, the rest of us will have to suffer through, at least, four years that will make the Reagan era seem like a liberal paradise by comparison.

--Jim Nelson

Name Calling

To the Editor,

It's amazing that the University of Arizona would do anything to endanger that big pile of money that was coming its way from developer Bart Hackley (The Skinny, November 2). The UA is notorious for grabbing all the money it can, no matter the source.

Naming its business school after benefactor Karl Eller, who has twisted and even ignored the law so he can pollute the city with his ugly billboards, is merely one of the more innocent examples of the UA's greed.

Let's not forget the time the university happily accepted $6 million from the family of Kemper Marley, a land and liquor baron the newspapers always politely described as being "linked" to organized crime. Marley was the guy suspected of ordering the murder of reporter Don Bolles back in 1976, but he was never charged with anything, so his money was good enough for the UA. And now he's got a nice, big building named after him. Which is more than you can say for Bart Hackley and his poor, dead brother.

--Robert J. Burton


To the Editor,

Congratulations on an interesting and informative newspaper. However, the obscene language in some of the articles, in my estimation, detracts from otherwise well-researched and well-written work. Surely there must be equally forceful and descriptive words that would be less objectionable and more in keeping with the intellectual quality of the articles.

--Jeanette Frazier

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