A Black Fly In Tom's Chardonnay

To the Editor,

Tom Danehy is such a load. In "Barkley's Last Basket" (December 18) he writes, "He [Barkley] was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers (ironically, his career-ending injury occurred in Philadelphia)..." That's not ironic, you dullard, it's coincidental. You must have studied at the Alanis Morrisette College of English. Perhaps you're partly responsible for the downfall of the U of A journalism school. Incredible! What a dolt you are.

Please print this letter. Please make the future journalists of America aware that all one needs is a dog-eared dictionary in the event one doesn't know the definition of "irony." Calgon, take me away.

-- Diego "el Correcto" de la O

Class Action

To the Editor,

There is a large portion of the community (homeschoolers or not) who are wondering what has happened at The Weekly that it prints such bigoted, prejudiced garbage as Tom Danehy's "Poor Sports" (November 11).

For no reason in the world other than my wife and I homeschool our daughter, Danehy says we are child abusing, intolerant racists. We resent that. We can live with being called paranoid, because one of the reasons our daughter is homeschooled is because we are a little afraid that in public school she may turn out to be someone like Danehy. By that I mean someone who is irrational, prejudiced, unable to articulate logically and someone who resorts to personal attacks when the world doesn't behave the way they want it to. (Are we sure Tom isn't a Republican?) At least I call making cruel insults about an academically successful student only because they are homeschooled an unreasonable attack on a child ("Bee Hives," June 24).

As far as being selfish goes, how is it selfish for parents to give more of themselves to the education of their children? It takes immense amounts of time; you don't get to go to an athletic practice, call it a day and go home and hold the couch down while you eat junk food and watch TV -- lifestyle choices Danehy has admitted to in his column.

There are two parents teaching in this home and since we don't want to develop a chem lab, we'll get tutoring for our daughter if that is something she wants to learn. We belong to two groups of homeschoolers where there are people of color, more religions than I grew up being aware of, and parents from all walks of life. Our daughter is in the fifth grade by age and the seventh academically. We know that because half her friends go to public schools and we see what they are doing. Twice in my life I moved and entered school districts that were far behind the one I just left. That left me bored out of my mind. I am not doing that to my child.

I was a good athlete throughout school. Because I played sports I took last period P.E. so practice could start at the beginning of P.E. So I got out of one class period every day of the year for what is supposed to be extracurricular activities. I got to get out of school for away games and, sorry to burst Tom's bubble, athletes only have to pass to be eligible for sports, that's the minimum requirement scholastically.

After reading Danehy's newest venture into the literature of the absurd ("Sorry, But...", December 23), I decided his tone was slightly less hysterical and thought it would be a good time to accept his extended olive branch. Yes, there are drawbacks to homeschooling, just like there are drawbacks to sending kids to any school (public, private, trade, etc.). Personally, I also see good arguments for schooling children with either approach. I see it as a matter of style and personal preference. What is interesting to me is, the kids don't care! They can play together the same, they study together and they're friends!

I've been reading The Weekly since its inception to get away from idiots with a grudge trying to pass hatred off as socially responsible prose or investigative reporting. I've been telling people more and more, however, that those aren't intellectual clothes Danehy is wearing, the man is naked! Just kidding, Tom, just kidding! We all know you have never tried to pass yourself off as intelligent, and for that we all respect you.

-- Bill Haynes

Officers Outlaw

To the Editor,

Nothing pisses me off more than to hear about the police making that oh-so-easy transition to dirty, filthy pigs. Dan Huff's story "Suffering the Blues" (January 6) demonstrates that much of Tucson's police department represents one or both of two evils: corruption and incompetence. In the case of the story, we have a cover-up and interference with justice that should make anyone fume. Tucson, and I'm sure the residents of many cities, need protection from the cops. Our constitution provides protection from the military (it's supposed to anyway) by establishing civilian control over them. Our police also need to be controlled by the public sector. The Citizen Police Advisory Review Board, according to the story, seems well intentioned but powerless, as the word "advisory" shows. The "A" needs to be changed to "ass-kicking"! Additionally, we all need to pray that the City Council will do something to support efforts to weed out the bad cops and their ploys. Let the cops know that obstruction of justice means jail time in a place where everybody knows their name.

-- Brian Scott

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