Reality Check

To the Editor,

Sometimes your little desert rag makes me laugh, and often it's when you're actually trying to be funny.

But I must thank you for the chuckle I had when I read Christine Targerson's letter to the editor recently ("Home-School Spirit," December 2).

First of all, she doesn't seem to realize that Tom Danehy is a hack sports writer, and shouldn't be taken too seriously on any topic other than sports, and only mildly so in that area.

Second, I can only assume she wants to keep her kids "away from sex education" in order to avoid "something truly evil -- like the horror of abortion." Just close your eyes and it goes away. That's neat.

Thirdly, she states her "main goal is to get (her) kids to heaven!" What a monumental feat! Wow...could she get me there too?

Christine, wake up! The aliens have sucked out your brain. Your Bible and your fears will teach your kids more than anything you can ever say to them! Life isn't Mary Poppins.

Too bad.

Thank you, Tucson Weekly.

Good luck, Ms. Targerson.

-- Todd K. Robinson

Amendment Rights

To the Editor,

In your excellent story about Eller Media's lawsuit against the City of Tucson and Mark Mayer ("Board Lord Bites Back," November 4), you note that Eller states that its suit "touches on First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution." In Count VIII of his complaint, Eller claims that commercial advertising is covered by the amendment, which protects free speech and the press.

Unfortunately, this assertion has some support in recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court. But that does not make it right. The great purpose that the framers of the amendment had in mind was the protection of political and social dissent. Commercial advertising is not "speech" as that term is used in the amendment. It is a verbal act in aid of the sale of products and services.

Eller's claim is yet another attempt by business and financial interests to hijack the amendment for their material benefit. It is similar to the equally baseless contention that the amendment protects political corruption executed by campaign contributions.

There are no dollar signs in the First Amendment.

-- Anthony Haswell

Boos And Hisses

To the Editor,

Talk about a poor sport, Tom Danehy needs some lessons on appropriate socialization! After reading his "Poor Sports" piece (November 11). I wasted more time by taking a look at a couple of other pieces of tripe written by him. He is so hateful towards just about everybody that I don't understand why you run his column. Well, I guess I do understand, and it is a sad commentary on your business practices.

You cater to the lowest characteristics of humankind. It is called yellow journalism. The Tucson Weekly is a yellow journalistic rag in the great tradition of the New York Post and the mostly defunct newspapers run by William Randolf Hearst. Have fun counting your money while you can.

Home-schooled children are better educated and, in the future, will be the adults who will lead their fellows. At that time I sincerely hope they put people like Danehy out of a job and shut down the businesses that employed them.

-- Marguerite Chipp-Matthews

To the Editor,

I've always enjoyed reading the Tucson Weekly, but recently I've been discovering that the writer of The Skinny doesn't really know what he is talking about.

Regarding "Bye, George?" on November 25: I am tired of repeated slams of the TUSD school board, specifically about Joel Ireland. I would like to challenge the writer to give being on the school board a try. I'm sure they will quickly find it to be a lot harder than sitting in their cubicle trying to think of mean things to write. It's actual work. I would also like to say that I'm sure any friends or family of Mr. Ireland holding jobs in the district are not only the best people for the jobs but are quite capable of getting those jobs on their own.

As for the District 5 congressional race, the only delusions that need be mentioned are those of the writer who thought it necessary or even entertaining to bring it up. If I may, I suggest that The Weekly reevaluate the quality of the work it prints and invest in a new writer for The Skinny.

-- Elena Neruda

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